Expanding the troops

I’m considering expanding the Khador ranks of my battlegroup.

Im at 350 points now. The basic starter box expanded with the Manhunter solo and the Wardog warcaster attachment!

So now I’m considering the units to acquire for the expansion to 500 points and 750 points.(Not really considering 1k points yet. Some months though..) No new warcasters yet, Ill wait for the new army books to choose. Its a real drag to scavenge through the books & junk. Battlecollege is a help, but there s a lot of missing info there so thats not ideal too. Id love to have the army book & the Battlecollege for reviews. That d be nice..

So, for the move to 350,  I’m considering the Devastator warjack, maybe Drago (though Im scared of investing too heavilly in such an unstable unit) and the Widowmakers. I’m quite sure about the Widowmakers. Asfor the Jacks.. Im really in doubt. I can see a lot of nice tactics with the Devastator.. And I love the idea and the huge potential damage with Drago. So what to pick.
I can really see myself having a lot of fun with the Devastator.. On one hand blocking units, on the other hand throwing them around with the 2 open fists.. Its a Fun unit! But I dont think it ll do that much damage.
Then again, more damage and an INSANE unit (in Drago) are nice too!

I have a much less clear idea about the expansion to 750 points..
Certainly the Other unit of the aboves to start with.
Then maybe .. (and this ll be a longer list now) Beast 09 (Because he s So cool), I really feel a lot for the Man-o-War Demolition Corps and the Man o War Kovnik Solo (All for hard as nails! hehe) And for melee fun, the Doom Reavers! I dont know yet, Im going to do the math on this one before I even come close to deciding 🙂
And I’m not even considering replacing the Jacks or Warcasters! Maybe another warcaster, maybe.. (Army Book!) But in the end Ill probably need the book or at least the MK2 cards to have a good long look at the posibilities 🙂

More on that later 🙂

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