The Heroic Battle of Khador vs The Protectorate of Menoth vs Cygnar

Yes. We finally had our first Warmachine skirmish. Reinald (of Highborn) controlling Cygnar; Thomas siding with The Protectorate and myself on Khador!

The battle started off with the heroic Khador and cowardly Cygnar together on one side of the field and the Protectorate pigs on the other side. As they discovered eachother, the Khador and Cygnar immediately engaged eachother. The Protectorate on the other hand had some distance to cover before they could join in.

Headbuts were given (Doesnt really do much damage to heavies) Pushes were shoved (No damage either & I missed that blasted Stryker – but the Warjack did go down!) and the Khador Juggernaut was heavily damaged!

We all learned that boosting attacks & damage is Incredibly important, not to forget actually to COUNT the bonuses after actually acting to get them (ie actually USE the +2 after standing still to aim) and that .. yes, well, thats about it 😉

Great fun though, all that!

About then we d spent several hours looking up stuff we weren’t certain about and then double checking that stuff several times later and the time had come to stop and go to bed.

We ll soon play later 🙂

And in the mean while, I discovered the warbands arent 350 points groups, but rather 310 points. Check out the counts after the jump. Which sparks the will to buy some more models to make it true 350p groups. 🙂 Though that is probably exactly what its all about! Pity you really need those books to do that because thats the only place where you can really find all the units & their stats :/

So there they are.. The composition & point total of the Warmachine Battle Boxes 🙂 Calculated using the Army Builder; so any errors in whatever can be attributed to them 🙂

Army Points: 302
Victory Points: 13

Name Cost VP
Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff 71 5
Juggernaut 105 4
Destroyer 126 4

Army Points: 318
Victory Points: 12

Name Cost VP
Commander Coleman Stryker 64 5
Lancer 76 2
Ironclad 103 3
Charger 75 2

The Protectorate of Menoth
Army Points: 309
Victory Points: 12

Name Cost VP
High Exemplar Kreoss 64 5
Revenger 76 2
Repenter 76 2
Crusader 93 3

Army Points: 307
Victory Points: 11

Name Cost VP
Warwitch Deneghra 76 5
Deathripper 38 1
Deathripper 38 1
Defiler 45 1
Slayer 110 3

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