The day in Shorts

  • Im starting to fear my fileserver is dying. Processor giving me weird shit. #
  • One step ahead. Only happens while copying over samba. No temp raising, no errors logged, nothing noricable in htop. I need monitoring 🙂 #
  • errand to run; next up – another go at the fileserver. I REALLY dont feel like hooking up a monitor! :/ #
  • Fuck – its a disk access thing, an scp triggered the crash too. Guess Ill have to drag him (from the basement) up for some face time 😦 #
  • It also requires at least 2 reboots before he ll actually Boot to networking again. Thats aquard. Though Viva the usb power block 🙂 #
  • something /topic like, @nocturn? #
  • Fuck. The fileserver wont boot far enough 😦 This might be the end of Kabouter 😦 #
  • Kabouter Power Down till I get some screen attached 😦 #

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