Time to heal.

It’s time to heal. Despite covid, dispite winter, despite lockdowns, despite.. We’ve all locked down,We’ve all stopped,We’ve all scaredly revived,We’ve all angrily railed against the virus,We’ve all angrily protested against weak or strong gov’t measures,We’ve all felt like shit,We’ve all embraced the little otherworldly things that remain,We all need to rise like the phoenix fromContinue reading “Time to heal.”

The Triforce of Communication

That moment when someone tells you about a problem, and you start offering solutions but they annoyedly shrug it off because they’re already fixing it..Or that moment when you confide in a friend because you need emotional support, and they just start lecturing you on what to do.. So on the triforce of communication youContinue reading “The Triforce of Communication”

How will my loved ones know when something bad happens to me?

This is the kick off post I put on facebook to start my fixing this situation. #EndOfLife There will be a part 2 and maybe 3 to this, detailing how I fixed things and potentially even part of the wishes document. Today just this tho 🙂 (TW. Not sure.. Death? Ill fate? Divorce.) I don’tContinue reading “How will my loved ones know when something bad happens to me?”

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Lean coffee Gent affords me unique access to a group of highly skilled agile experts. Lean coffee itself is our monthly meetup where we discuss all things agile following the lean coffee principle. Other than participation, attendance also offers access to our invite-only slack channel. The lean coffee gent slack is invite only and atContinue reading “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”