Khador Behemoth

I was just looking at the Battle college page of the Khador Behemoth.

I never really had a good look at the model before, but I did now & I just discovered that I dont really like it. I saw the supercool shoulder cannons (The Twin Bombards) before and thought – Whow, extra cannons are COOL!

But then now, I just realized that they can MOVE! Not on the model, but if you watch the thing, you can see that its cannons are on tracks so they can move on the shoulders. Which makes sense, really, because if not – they d never be able to decently hit any targets with due flexibility.

But I dont like how it looks.

It looks gimmicky and something that d lock up with dirt and snow and whatnot on the field of combat. It looks as if they d freeze shut during transport. Like they d get stuck with dirt in the tracks during combat. Like they d easily be knocked off in melee combat..

It just doesnt look like the crude Khador reliability!

Ps. My fucking laptop battery SUCKS; viva WordPress though, for saving my shit!

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