My comment policy is quite simple – I allow all comments to be published & there are even some ways to auto publish comments.

Some comments will be filtered though. I dont allow spam. I might dissalow overly rude comments that show no relevance to the post at hand. (hasnt happened yet) And posts in languages I dont understand (because I cant judge if it would be one of the above or a decent comment)

Regarding the last category. I wont allow comments in languages I dont understand myself. This shouldnt be that tough a rule since I am quite fluent in Dutch, English and French (though a bit rusty there..) Thats already 3 languages. I quite understand German and even a bit of Spanish. Thats 5. I’ll probably get the point in Afrikaans too. That makes 6. So in commenting, you have the choice of 6 wide spread languages. THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH!

So please, if you consider commenting in Russian or Portugese (2 recent examples), Dont.
Of those 6 languages, you ll probably be able to write in at least One; and probably even two. I will consider it common courtesy for you do so and a minimal prerequisite for having your comment published!

And now that we re talking, I’d prefer you

  • fill in a name or nickname,
  • leave a decent email adress (so you ll be notified of replies should I choose to post one),
  • use a Gravatar enabled email adress (because those nice gavatars really Liven up my comments section)
  • not link to what I perceive to be spam sites; not in the URL field, nor in the post itself
  • be polite (even when you Violently disagree – try explaining why)

But those are a mere wish list. The first criteria, including the languages thing, are Not.

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