What Should You Blog About Today? Roll D10

Zak from DnD With Pornstars wrote “What Should You Blog About Today? Roll´╗┐ D10” recently and yes. I will play ­čśÇ To roll a D10! 1d10: 9 9–Google up a random mini, then describe this fellow or lass as an NPC. Give us some hooks for him or her After a cryptic Google Image search,Continue reading “What Should You Blog About Today? Roll D10”

Danger Patrol – a Daring play test!

Today was game day! Yet trough a series of very unexpected events, we ended up short and decided not to continue the research into who is killing off the fair maidens of Paridon .. So I got my print of the Danger Patrol beta rules (by onesevendesign.com) and we started a game of heroic adventures,Continue reading “Danger Patrol – a Daring play test!”

Hath├ędru – a SAGE gift.

The SAGE ends today (I┬áreceived┬ámy present earlier and its Awesome ­čÖé tnx squidman!) and as such I present to you my personal SAGE gift. And to ┬áborrow Zaks words.. “Happy birthday Ghost of Gary, we still like your game…and thanks for coming to the party, Ghost of Dave, we couldn’t have done it without you.”Continue reading “Hath├ędru – a SAGE gift.”


Looking into the scenarios on my shelves. I recently got Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave and apparently thats the first part of a trilogy.. and of course it Irks me that the collection is incomplete.. That means Im still missing Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land and Anauroch: The Empire of Shade. (Dont thinkContinue reading “Cormyr”

The Personalities ~ After todays battle

They died. But not quite And they recieved some XP.. XP: 12089 Next Level: 15000 The sheets and RedBlade files.. Cade (Rb5) Fabian (Rb5) Gerdobald K├Âster (Rb5) Kai Lelie (Rb5) Small (Rb5) Tenthirty (Rb5) We did decide not to use the RB files for inventory. Its just too bothersome to keep track of in theContinue reading “The Personalities ~ After todays battle”