Things to come

I just wrote my first open source project 🙂

Well .. that sounds quite Big but it actually isnt. I have a sispm power block I use to shut down my server when its not being used. Fancy stuff; but my wife cant really use the commanline power management & I didnt feel like using the built in html server for several reasons. One of them being that I already run a html server & I like all my eggs in the same basket. Another being that I need a lot more functionality than provided by the standard module. Most important, I need advanced scripting to tell my server to die & then wait till he passed his last breath before throwing the switch. Oh & I want pretty pictures too.. So I built a php shell over the command 🙂

A php shell over the sispmctl command. (This does not mean “replace sispmctl”; this means “made some php junk that uses sispmctl with pretty colors”) that enables me to remotely toggle the power from anywhere I can acces the webserver. Like from bed. 🙂

I cant post it yet because I need to sort out the GPL3 stuff. Tedious shit, that licensing junk. Pitty I cant just put up a simple line.. but copyright was never simple. Now, if I want to go all “open source project”-y .. lol I ‘ll need to sort that..

As for the state of the project.. right now its a heap of code, thrown together.. One file with HTML, settings and code woven together; tables to get the layout going (that means no css); terribly garbled php, .. BUT the features all fully work. (Anyone wanting to help out will soon be more than welcome ;))

Now; Screenshots!

The main page with the device icon, device name & power state.

The detail page with te device icon, name, description, power state, shutdown type (either plain or using a fancy external script) & the power toggle button

The toggled screen, replacing the button by actually repeating the previous state & the action..

Now all I need is to figure out the GPL, Roll it into a tarball and put it up (with roadmap, features, todo & whatnot..) & actually think for a better name than php_sispm 🙂

Once the thing is up I’ll post it to the sispmctl page & hope they ll link it 😉

Credit: The pretty icons (except the piggy and the device pictures) are all Developpers Icons by ~Sekkyumu from Deviantart for which I’d greatly like to thank him 😉

Ps. The word “tool” has an amazing amount of cool uses 🙂 Tool in the context of “God, that guy’s such a god damned tool!”. Check out the Gadgettes at CNet for more tooly examples.. And family guy is just TOO FUNNY!!! 🙂

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