Our 2 @TheTunnelMovie frames!

We just bought 2 “The Tunnel” frames!

The tunnel is a “Direct to Torrent” movie. The movie will be 90 minutes, which makes 135k frames and they re selling their frames at 1$ a frame!

I care a lot about exploring new ways of paying for music. The old system is passe, we ve had it, paying 20 euro for a stupid disk that barely works; stuffed with commercials back and forth; .. And this could be the solution. Think of a movie; write a script, make a trailer with nice actors and wait for the public to tell you they want to see your movie. Then put it up on the interwebs!
This could be the future! 🙂
And in the same spirit.. Pioneer one: An object in the sky spreads radiation over North America. Fearing terrorism, U.S. Homeland Security agents are dispatched to investigate and contain the damage. What they discover will have implications for the entire world. Pioneer one is a Direct To Torrent series. The first episode was made, want them to make the 2nd ep? Donate some dough; and when they ‘re able to afford it, they ll make the next one.
With a model like this, Deadwood would have had its final 4th season! As would Jericho. And the Global Frequency series would ‘ve seen more than just a pilot!
Im curious to see how this turns out!

And I cant wait to see our frames! 🙂

Edit: We own frames 113813 and 96797 🙂
Check the tally to see who s on the list and how far they ‘re along!

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