Updating the Hero

Its an exciting time for HTC Hero owners! The first part of the 2.1 upgrade is live, the second part is anxiously awaited.

Not so for my wife however since she wont be getting that upgrade.

The upgrade is Over The Air for every Hero owner with ROM version 2.73.405.5. Viona however was early to the party and does Not have this version. No problem, there is an update on the site; you need windows to update but Ill even ignore that part for now. The page checks your serial number and if its found to be valid, you ll apparently be able to download the update. When I put Vionas S/N, the site answers: “Sorry, this software download is not suitable for your device.” Annoying; since I know of other Belgian Hero owners who did get the OTA upgrade already.

I was of course sad, I’m on CyanogenMod 5.0.8 with my Magic, so Ive been enjoying the 2.1 for a while now and I was really happy that the annoying issues that she s been experiencing would be solved. (She only sees One Google calendar, not the other ones like mine; thus really denying her most of the reason why we got it, namely being able to see each other agendas.)

So I sent a friendly email to the HTC people; asking what up.. And received a friendly answer within days:

Dank u wel voor uw vraag over de HTC Hero. Uw probleem is inderdaad bekend bij HTC, en momenteel wordt er hard gewerkt aan een oplossing. Dit zal waarschijnlijk een ROM upgrade naar 2.73 voor Belgische toestellen betekenen, en ik raad u aan de website in de gaten te houden. Ik verwacht dat de oplossing spoedig zal verschijnen

Which sums to

  • Your problem is known within HTC
  • We are working on a solution
  • This will probably entail an upgrade to 2.73 for Belgian machines
  • I advise you to watch the site and expect the solution to appear soon


More indefinite waiting? Thats a pitty; we ve been waiting for some months now :/ I guess keeping an eye on the HTC Hero Support page is all I can do :/

30 17 * * * curl -s ‘http://www.htc.com/europe/supportdownloadlist.aspx?p_id=283&act=sd&cat=2’ -o /home/gert/htc_moni/nu && echo DIFF $(diff /home/gert/htc_moni/oud /home/gert/htc_moni/nu) | /bin/mail -s “HTC Monitoring” “me@guesswhat” && mv /home/gert/htc_moni/nu /home/gert/htc_moni/oud

Lets hope this doesnt take too long 😦

And Why not upgrade to Vilainrom or whatever? Trying to keep the waranty in tact for once 😉 And certainly since the official Hero 2.1 is SO close 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Updating the Hero

  1. Actually, when you root your hero, and then install the amon-ra recovery boot loader and then go off to a 3rd-part rom, you can always go back: just flash the latest RUU (Rom Update Utility) you find on the HTC website. I’ll completely wipe your Hero clean, install the radio it comes with, and install the rom.


  2. Ok, Ill admit I also dont want to risk screwing my wifes phone 🙂 She’s weirdly annoying about stuff just working and with the official update so close..
    But Im considering flashing more each minute!

    (And while Im confessing, I also liked the drama of the bold second paragraph!)


  3. Still very frustrated at HTC – the big chunk was just rolled out & we still cant update. The HT9AXL902103 SN (not actually my wifes) produces the error. Im starting to think its a language problem; belgian HTC being rolled out with Dutch, French & English language data..


    Considering flashing the damn thing more n more each day


  4. I’ve been waiting for 2.1 to be out for quite a while too. And I’ve actually gone the villainrom way on the day 2.1 was officially released. I guess if your wife doesn’t care about tethering or paid apps in the Market, you should wait a bit longer, but as much as I believed the process to be complex or risky, I can only confirm it’s easy and villainrom 10.3 is pretty damn stable (can’t say that from superhero).


  5. I think that CyanogenMod 6 will finally persuade me.. Looks like it ll support the Hero (GSM) and since Im running CM on my Magic Ill be able to help her if her Zero Tollerance for anything less than “It just works” kicks in.. (Otherwise Id be wondering if its a rom problem or something different)

    That being said, she doesnt care about the tethering or paid apps, but she DOES care about the calendar not working as it should or as it works on my phone.. (big issue)

    Still no news from HTC :/


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