The day in Shorts

  • Payment when?? Paypall receipt says 4th o’ September; Ebay says 21st! Whot??? 17 days for eBay to realize I paid??? Fuck! #
  • cruel cruel cruel people! Persuading me using freshly baked Brownies. Its Cruél! (family guy style) #
  • I dont get people bitching about eReader’s notes abilities. I have NEVER taken notes while reading & I do read A LOT! (all dead tree though) #
  • This new version makes the app PERFECT! 🙂 #
  • Thats weird, @maartenc , time for an upgrade maybe? :s #
  • whow, I though the was long dead; apparently the site is still around #
  • is Sooow Coooool 🙂 #
  • Dell says: your new laptop will be in 21/10. Wot? Well, at least I’m SURE they manufactured each and very tiny piece especially for Me :s #
  • We had lots of brownies, lots of yummie brownies!! 😉 #

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