The day in Shorts

  • I’m looking forward to an Android version of @iBodger . I saw it run on the iPhone & hot dam, that app d serve me well!!!!!!! #
  • weird, my openid plugin for WP was down.. Figures now why the oID didnt work 🙂 #
  • & welcome @maartenc 🙂 looking forward to the updates!! #
  • im surprisingly hungry #
  • No its not, @xinkill , its workin’ time! tsk #
  • A cup of Jooeee #
  • painfull decision – scrap this & remake it as a separate module. damn :/ #
  • More than slightly irked about the mail and sms i just recieved.. #
  • Driving over brusselstw is a trip down memory lane. Anneke, Rein, Koen, .. relics of different times! #
  • Global frequency by Warren Ellis is supercool!! My WiFi on the other hand is NOT!!!!! :/ #
  • Firefox gets Ribbon. – MUST be a joke. a BAD one #

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