The day in Shorts

  • Getting my car front window fixed – hooray! #
  • yeah, @nocturn , The highway this morning kicked up some whatever.. But I dont think Ill need a new one! #
  • My window has been repaired; hooray! Not all that nice to look at though :/ #
  • Damned, why didnt I put on short pants & sandals like EVERYONE ELSE HERE!!! #
  • My TShirt is all scratchy over my burnt shoulders n back. & Did I mention my core temp is waaaay too high? #
  • @gdk I’m celebrating #towelday !! #
  • @gdk Go #towelday #
  • Dont you just HATE #followfriday ??? As if microblogging isnt hectic as it is! #
  • @bdeferme apparently some meme where people follow random people. or something alike. #
  • @bdeferme ni dooeeeeen eeeeeeeeeeeey! #
  • @bdeferme Gaat ge naar ne GOEIEN film zien? -.^ #

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