I’m partially Online

The soekris has attained an important point in operability! I am now safely online using the soekris as router.

I was online before, but the problem then was always that it wasnt safe. Now, I’m online & nothing can get in. Viva whitelisting.

So another GREAT step has been achieved! Next up will be some more opening up, as I am currently so clogged down that I cant even ping from the machine itself. You can understand that that is an issue if you re running your own DNS service 🙂 I am now online by manually bypassing the Soekris DNS. But at least I’m safe 😉

Next up – allowing dns & a load of other crap .. Like what to do with the ssh trafic? How paranoid should I be 😉 Still lots to do, but I am confident that I’ll be moving the home IT department downstairs by tomorrow. A wonderous day since that ll mean I’ll be able to leave the IT part behind for a while & focus on the other stuff again 🙂


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