Ubuntu Ramdisk

Since both the CD as my USB key have shite read performance, let alone seek .. its really a nuicanse to open – say – a movie off these.. So what other storage do I have that might solve my problems? .. ??? A ramdisk 🙂 Using the superfast Ram in your computer to store files in..

So how does this work? You need to configure it & its not so hard, but if you re using Ubuntu, you wont need to 😉

There is a standard ramdisk configured on /dev/shm ! The live cd made mine 2Gb, but thats probably not so on most machines.. My (business) laptop has 4Gb of ram, yours probably wont 😉 This can leas us to believe the standard is 1/2 of the ram size, but .. no certainty there & I have no ambition to find out!

The rules?

  • You can put whatever you want in /dev/shm
  • You can find out how big it is using ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ df -h /dev/shm
    Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    tmpfs                 2.0G  747M  1.3G  38% /dev/shm
  • The data in the RAM disk gets cleared when the computer shuts down (or loses power) This might be considered to be The Catch! 🙂

so ; enjoy the speed & keep the catch in mind 😉

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