Atlassian stack Frustrations

Most of these are rethorical questions since I know that most of the reasons are design flaws, oversight, money grab and similar constraints. Setting it for auto post in about a week!

Why doesn’t Jira & Confluence integrate better? Like decent issue widgets without having to manually create rss exports in Jira. They feel like 2 separate products with some very very basic integration!

Why can’t I have all Confluence emails as notifications in their interface? How can I enable more notifications types?!

why doesn’t the Jira Kanban board automatically refresh?

Why does it take so bloody long to load the Jira Kanban board and whats with that spinner once it’s half loaded?!

Why aren’t the Jira/Confluence pages responsive?? (ie responsive web design)

Who ever thought it a good idea to display comments chronologically on the issue page (I like) and reverse chronologocally on the Kanban board issue zoom?! (Yes I get that that way & with a bit of luck we’ll always see the most recent comment first, but just no.)

Why do some pages not decently load, but stay blank instead? I mean, what has to be going on on that page for shit like that to happen?!

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