Ubuntu Meeting Genk Presentations!

The Ubuntu-Meeting was Fine!

Lucid Lynx Virtualisatie

The Virtualisation thing went well and might be called quite the success; the room was full (all seats were filled, even the ones that were by the side next to the screen) and I feel the attendants were happy afterwards. Hooray! I heard some “He s using Windows!!” gasps when I started the presentation with a fullscreened XP running in virtualbox, so that worked out as I hoped. (With the presentation in Google Docs Presentation – Ive been wanting to use that for Ages!) I feel the hands on part might ‘ve been a bit chaotic (and would like feedback on all that) though I think it was quite allright. I also wonder if I was able to cut down on the “euh” though I have no clue; things got rolling and I went trough the thing in presentation mode (hyper focus), so I have NO clue what else happened; or if I was able to cut down on the euh.
The presentation and info are available at gertschepens.be/2010-virtualisation-ubuntu-lucid-lynx-beginners though the main part was a hands on run trough of Virtualbox and as such is not in the slides!

Lucid Lynx Games

The Games presentation started immediately after the Virt one, since I went on for the full hour on that one. I started the presentation with a great sense of Urgency, mostly because I had planned for an hour with a heavy 27 slides (that d ‘ve been 2 minutes a slide; that aint much!) presentation and was under the impression that they d ‘ve liked me to do it in 30 minutes (the presentation roster looked like that, I realised this wasnt what they meant but it still stuck in my mind) so I frantically ran trough it in about 35 minutes and skipped the part where I was planning to show a World of Goo level :/ In retrospect, I should’ve done that and I should ‘ve been a bit more relaxed and .. But the general message did go out OK, so its alright.
The games presentation and a plethora of notes is available at gertschepens.be/2010-ubuntu-lucid-lynx-games

So tnx to the Ubuntu-Meeting guys at Bitmappers and on to the next one. Do Mail or Call me if you want me to do a talk about something 🙂

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