ScummVM Wii

I ve been expecting an official version of the ScummVM for Wii for a while now. It somehow sounded like something they could easily do & should! Its ported everywhere, there s even a Wii Homebrew version of it and it seemed like great return for moderate effort. So yeah, I was expecting / hoping that to happen.

Imagine buying a Wii game that installs the ScummVM channel that allows you to insert ScummVM game Cds in your Wii & play them.. Awsome! Blow the dust off those old game cds 🙂

This hasnt happened so far though and apparently this is thanks to the Nintendo Licensing!

The people at Atari recently brought out a copy of Freddi Fish for Wii, running off the ScummVm! (Congratz to the team for making such an awsome piece of software!) But apparently they didnt realize they were using the ScummVM and didnt credit the guys.. In the ensuing trial, Atari figured out that Nintendo does not allow open source code on the Wii!
Check out the blog post for all the info!

What a pitty! 😦

Nintendo has cool consoles and games.. but their attitude Stinks!

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