So I had a little chat with DHL about my Ouya.

My ouya was planned to arrive between 14/6 (something like that) and the 1st. That’s what the email said and that’s the email that contained the mysterious tracking number that didn’t ever work anywhere, until some good Google Plus’er (Christian Buggedei I think) found out what site would take it and we all ended up at

Well, at least you did if you live in Belgium.

Now, the packages final possible date was the 1st, that was yesterday, and the site said it hadn’t moved since the 17th, so I gathered there must be some sort of customs problem and they don’t know how to find me or whatever. Or maybe they just OOoopsie‘d it and lost it into their own living room, the mind goes places when a package doesn’t move for near 2 weeks.

So I called DHL (+32 2 715 50 50) today to find (the fuck) out where (the fuck) my (fucking) Ouya package was. (fuck!)
I called, armed with the Cust_item_ref or whatever, HKSHW0GAYXZ01, and was ready for answers. Sadly the woman informed me they needed a 10 digit number and couldn’t much use anything else. I’d seen other numbers on the trackit site, but as I do this while driving around in an attempt to not waste any more precious time, I couldn’t just look it up, calling and internet don’t really work at the same time. End to that call, back to the interwebs, copy pasteing codes and urls, .. 2nd try! I did see however that it’s in processing since the 1st, so thats probably what they meant. They’d start sending it to me the first!? Still, 14 days just laying there.. I wanted to know more.

I called DHL and tried to give the lovely lady the all digits item id code that is 1004622130611. She was very surprised at this and kept asking if I really had just given her 13 numbers instead of 10 or maybe 12. Sadly, yes.
I then told her I had some information and codes from the site, but that I had to use some exotic tracking site called and that she did know about.
She explained that the globalmail offering is a bulk mailing service usually used for mail order catalogues and the like. For when you need to send a lot of crap but ultimately don’t really care about whether it gets there or not! The guy in HK fills a big bag, there is no tracking of its contents and mails that bag to the country where it’s supposed to be, there the bag is opened and the contents are individually put into the regular mail system, so I’m guessing that’s bPost. There is no tracking of the individual parcels in the bag (that’s a word the DHL lady consequently used) and as such, the weird item number is just that, an item number the shipper assigned, and the tracking is just that reference correlating to showing what the bag does with a mention of your name. DHL doesn’t however know for sure that that package is even in the bag, DHL just picks up the bag and works off the list the sender provided. If he didn’t put it in, they don’t know. This also means that if you don’t get anything, you’re shit out of luck as far as DHL is concerned. Because they just say it was never in the bag to start with. The shippers know this, so getting a resend from them should be no problem.

It looks like the good people at Ouya were fucked by the company that did the shipping, whoever that may be.. Maybe the producer, maybe some other company.

Now, considering the final arrival date was about the big bag being unpacked in the PO office, and considering that happened yesterday, then taking traditional postal service into consideration, I’m guessing we Belgians will have our Ouyas on Thursday the 4th. I don’t have too much faith though so I’m expecting it around Monday next week, that ‘d be the 8th. Which is .. 2 weeks after the Ouya hit the shelves? Not quite as promised.

A little word about the Ouya people though.. I don’t blame them too much. Some very poor choices in shipping were made. I don’t know if they were made by them or the producer or some fuckwad external company, but do have the feeling they acted in good faith. [edit. They apparently used and I’m guessing they fffffucked up!] I can hardly blame them for going with cheap shipping as in the end, they need to get up and running, that was what the kickstarter was all about, and they don’t want to splurge money on whatever. I do feel they might have done good to prioritize differently and make sure we got the goods in time, but on the other hand, the (fucking) bag of Ouya’s has been lying in the (fucking) PO office in Brussels since the (fucking) 17th, (just rotting,) which would have meant that the Ouya’s could have been in our hands the 20th, well before the launch date. This realization however does not take away all of the the bitterness and I’m left with a double feeling.

That being said, it’s all on the move again and I look forward to unboxing the damn thing next week.

[edit: there is some very valuable conversation and information on Google+!]

Why I shop Google Music

I like buying music. I bought a lot of CDs and contrary to some people I have a wad of CDs. Nothing out of the usual though, a few shelves.
But I grew tired of buying disks, rippint them to digital and never touching them again. I only listen to digital files, I don’t have a decent CD player anymore, if I want to listen to one of those CDs it d have to be in the car, on the PS3 or on the external CD drive for my laptop because even that thing doesn’t have a sodden CD drive anymore. I seldom even use the external one.

Ive been looking for a decent place to buy music digitally, but – as you can see in the many rants on here – it was a long, tough and ultimately frustratingly fruitless search. I used eMusic for ebooks for a while, but the music offering was extremely lacking. There are other places to go, but I require DRM free downloadable files. Not many do this.

Since the Google Music store works here though, I’ve bought 3 cds and am loving the experience.

I bought the new Ozark Henry and am not loving it. I might delude myself that I’d give away or sell that physical disk, not liking it, but looking at the collection, I really don’t usually do that. I bough the new Korn because HELLYEAH and I wanted to listen to it and … Then I decided to keep the spending in check and wait a month. And this is where that decision gets put aside and where I really really love the service!

Some very dear friends of ours recently got married! They had the same wedding DJ as we had, not by coincidence, he’s one of my other very dear friends. (He’s not a real wedding DJ though, he’s just a DJ, radio program and all who, once in a while, spins disks at the occasional wedding) So I expected him to play our opening dance. (That’s Walking in Memphis, by the way, a very very fun song to dance to!) And this is where it all goes to pieces, he didn’t have the song with him! Absurd in these days of digital music, considering he uses Serato, but he recently “upgraded” to a mac and apparently storage is lacking? Quite the upgrade. But I digress.


All the technology in the world and I was going to miss our song that night? Don’t fucking think so!
Google music to the rescue ūüôā

  • I opened the music service, bought Rhino Hi-Five: Marc Cohn for ‚ā¨2,99. (fuck the not spending more money, this is an EXCEPTIONAL situation!!)
  • Then I tethered my phone data via wifi to the Apple machine,
  • opened up,
  • located the newly bought record and downloaded it to the DJ’s setup.
    • (Copyright trolls, fuck off, he has the song in his CD collection about 10 times, he just forgot the disk and I lent him mine. Mind your own.)
  • #InternetWin
  • THEN I lied to my wife about the song just not being there
  • and a while later, she was very surprised to hear it start playing ūüôā

We had a nice dance. People stopped to watch & that’s always nice ūüėČ


So yes.
I like gMusic a lot. Buying from my phone, downloading DRM free MP3s.
Take notes, rest of the providers. Or don’t I dont care.

Big brother is no longer relevant. From my recent tor article.

A paragraph from the new tor article. If not using tor, at least realize this

The big fear of big brother watching you is no longer really relevant, we give away our data to what has affectionately been called “little sister”. She woes you with pretty images, convenience and a voyeuristic view on the lives of people you claim to know but probably even don’t. There is nobody really interested in intercepting your data, because it’s all set up so that you’ll conveniently give it to them.

Almost finished. ūüôā

Shannon Larratt, the father of BMEzine, is dead.

I read it on the twitters and if not, it would have screamed at me from the top of my Google Reader page. The father of BMEzine, is dead.

The message is on the Modblog: Shannon Larratt 1973-2013
And they link to his final blogpost: Finita, la commedia

It didn’t come too much as a surprise to me, it seems I have learned to accept death as a part of live. My personal moment of surprise was back when he re-appeared on Modblog and I took a look on his personal blog an learned about his degenerative disease in a general life update post. I posted a reply and that feeling is still somewhat the same.
Though today I’ll add the following, for my own personal en selfish process.

Shannon impacted a lot of lives with his Body-Modification-EZine. He informed and shaped many minds about the concepts of body modification. Both the general stuff like piercing and tattoos. Microdermals of late, though they weren’t widespread when they began appearing on BME. And the stuff BME categorizes as “hard”. Hard sure pushed my views on what people choose to do, what the human body stretches to and what imagery I can look at without feeling uneasy. It also ruined about all of the “shocking” passages in modern media. It taught me about the human body, my body. I started reading BMEzine around age 16 and BME shaped me into accepting other peoples choices, shaped my tastes in what I do and don’t like about appearance for myself and for those near me, and that we all have a choice. About everything.
Shannon had an impact, a footprint the majority of people in any era seldom achieve. This doesn’t change that his dying so young is sad. But it is a day to realize that he did do that good in his life.
It’s sad that he suffered ’till the end. The posts about euthanasia on his personal blog tell that story. And I am happy that in Belgium, life is a choice for people that need to make that choice.

He did good in his life.
I’m glad he’s not suffering anymore.

Listening to a Warhammer audiobook again

After reading Horus Rising (actually gave it a 1* on goodreads; go figure), I had to admit to really not liking Warhammer 40k books. Lots of general 40K universe feeling, but not much or even barely any real story

Today I read a quote that about sums it up..

Quite a few Warhammer books are to be honest a bit crap and best avoided. They basically go like this:

A brief moment of tiresome and unrealistic dialogue.
A brief moment of tiresome and unrealistic dialogue.

Problem for me with those books is they do nothing much to give you a feel for the world they’re set in.


That being said, the universe is aluring and I’m giving them another try. Though after listening to Butchers Nails, I can’t say it’s changed my opinion much. That being said, about 1/4th in¬†Graham McNeill – A Thousand Sons at the moment.


The blogpost does offer that¬†“The Eisenhorn trilogy” and “Gotrek and Felix” are worth while so I’ll give those another chance. I somehow have unspoiled hope for the Warhammer Fantasy universe. And I, foolishly, can’t chase the feeling that there must somehow be a book that plays out the Horus Heressy in a readable way, although I’m coming to be persuaded that I probably just need a book summarising the first five books in the series and cutting out half of the drab. Next up, False Gods, I guess…?

Secret DM links

I need to remember these. Because I’m going to use them later. AGAINST the players!! ūüėÄ Though if you’re a player, nothing to see here, carry on..



That’s it. Not too exciting, I know.

SECRET ANARCHYCORE: Notable town events.

I joined in on the SECRET ANARCHYCORE day yesterday.Organised on G+ and described as vollows:


How it works:
1-POST HERE so people know that you haven’t got anything better to do than fulfill their d100 table fantasies. You can’t make a request without putting your name out there, home slice.Then cool your heels for a while. Quit rushing into things. Make some tea.
2-CALL OUT one of the dog’s brother’s who also posted their names like fools. INSULT THEM if you feel like it, preferably in a strange and confusing manner.
3-MAKE DEMANDS of them
4-No one is under any obligation to do anything, because I’m just some jerk who is writing words on the internet. But you should probably follow through or else people will think you are a dong. Post your thing on G+ or on your blog (and tag the person who requested it or whatever)



More about this on Google+ and Monstrous Television

As per the rules, I chose, insulted and asked for what I wanted. “Somehing Cool” And I got it, a Cool “tiny table of random cities, except all these cities are actually just US cities described in unreasonably florid terms. And there’s nothing from Texas or anywhere in the South because I haven’t really been to those places, and I don’t really care.” There was no request for me to do something, so I chose something to do in return and picked the following request:

It’s not directed at me, but it was directly above what I got, so that’s the one I’m doing! For +Trent B.
In the spirit of this thing, I googled “NOTABLE TOWN EVENTS” images, crossed out the results I didn’t like and offer you the following list:

First row

  • (01) First: A fluffy white rabbit walks into town, the streets are deserted, citizens cower in their houses as they fear it to be the¬†Rabbit of Caerbannog. Which we all know is cheap and silly. But it obviously is.
  • (02)¬†Second: A weather fluke makes it snow exceptionally A LOT. The unprepared town suffers.
  • (03)¬†Third: The town¬†organizes¬†a walk around the most notable monuments and buildings.
  • (04)¬†Fourth: Part of the city collapses below sea level. The city is now ideal to house a port with a well¬†defensible¬†fortress.¬†Particularly¬†spectacular when there is no sea really nearby. The sea laps up against the new¬†cliffs¬†regardless.
  • (05)¬†Fifth: The town is overrun with plant growth. The plants visibly grow. Buildings suffer and are ultimately destroyed.
  • (06)¬†Sixth:¬†The town grows into a city. Skyscrapers & all, apparently. Nobody likes this.

Second row

  • (07)¬†First: I don’t like this one.
  • (07)¬†Second:¬†¬†Galactus¬†comes to town. And drinks a lot. And is violently sick. Some people dislike him. Others see the up-side.
  • (08)¬†Third: Entmoet.
  • (09)¬†Fourth: The water level rises, creating a¬†Venetian¬†town overnight.
  • (10)¬†Fifth: A huge caterpillar (ie 2m legs, 4m body) moves through town
  • (11)¬†Sixth: It’s a particularly pretty day. Nice temperature, prefect breeze, nobody really wants to do anything else but chillax!

Third row

  • (12)¬†First:¬†A statue of the watchman is found in the middle of the garden pond. Everyone who touches the water turns to stone.
  • (13)¬†Second: Marry Poppins comes to town.
  • (14)¬†Third: A row between neighbors gets out of hand,¬†polarizing¬†the town.
  • (15)¬†Fourth: Local traditional feast where the populace releases bottles with a mysterious fluid to the clouds
  • (16)¬†Fifth: A¬†particularly¬†nice sunset.
  • (17)¬†Sixth: A very unusable picture. Possibly even a commercial. Use the Seventh.
  • (17)¬†Seventh: It’s market day. Not too many people show up.

Fourth row

  • (18)¬†First: Nothing much happens.
  • (19)¬†Second: The palace or¬†monastery¬†gardens are opened to the public for one week. A tradition that returns every four years.
  • (20)¬†Third: A town’s notable commits suicide from the highest tower in town. Everyone who comes near the corpse does the same.
  • (21)¬†Fourth: I don’t like this one.
  • (21)¬†Fifth: A group of weird iron beasts that¬†exude¬†noxious gasses pass through the town at incredible speeds. Everyone is panicked. They seem to have people inside them. Some of these people wave.
  • (22)¬†Sixth: Anual Sailing Regatta


How to use this.

  • Roll a D4 for the row, then a D6 for the column.
  • Or a D20 if that suits you better, then use the Xth picture, use the last one if you don’t like the result.
  • close your eyes and pick one
  • Affix the pictures screenshot to a darts board. You might prefer to print it first.
  • Use a deck of cards; draw 2 cards and add those up. Black cards are the card value, Red cards are double value, then count. The face cards means that figure visits. ¬†Major arcana: you lose.

There you go.


12 angry men

Some thoughts, watching both movies.. The old ’57 version and the ’97 remake.

  • The old version has 8.9 on IMDB, the new one a mere 7.7 ; Good movie still, but the old one has a spectacular rating!
  • The ’57 version is awesome!
  • No women in the ’57 version..
  • The ’97 version has James Gandolfini ūüôā Cool! And he let’s his boss do the supposin’ ūüôā
  • The new version has more diverse jurrors, black and white, still no women, no indians though
  • The old version has a very young indian boy as the perp, the new boy looks older and hispanic
  • More old people in the new version!
  • The “not guilty” juror has more charisma in the old version..
  • The dialog is very similar, nice. I wouldn’t mind seeing this in a play ūüôā
  • Edward James Olmos!!! Cool ūüôā (new version) And he’s the watchmaker ūüôā
  • 96 minutes vs 117 minutes, how the hell did they make the new version that much longer? Do people talk that much slower these days?
  • There is more anger.
  • And new “encadrage” in modern times
  • More “technical events” in the new version
  • More of a racism thing in the new version. To be expected, but none the less.. Several of those extra minutes went to more racism. They even took the racism that was already there and cranked it up by a 1000..
  • The 21 extra minutes are apparently bathroom conversations. hmm..
  • Woot, indignant Edward James Olmos ūüôā “I kan tok like tat to yu!” nice!
  • They really made use of that bathroom. Pitty though it didn’t need the extra room.
  • The old version had very interesting examples of leading the group out of a dead end. The new version has more strong characters that take the lead and evade the dead end. This is actually a pitty. It’s interesting to see those
  • ooh, the new version adds extra suspense with Juror #12 actually saying guilty again. pff Or did I miss that in the original?


Very very good movie!

Though in general I prefer the old version. I have to agree with the IMDB scores. As usual.

the @privateerpress war room app wants me to pay 6th time for the same content.

I try to like the @privateerpress war machine app, War Room & it has nice sides.
But I’m having a hard time getting over having to buy those cards after buying

  • the MK1 books,
  • MK1 cards deck,
  • MKII books,
  • MKII cards deck and
  • a big feldherr bag full of miniatures.¬† (With a card each)

Feels like they want me to pay for the 6th time for that same content.

or as we tend to call it.. Money grab.