Sideloading my Ouya

In a short reprise of the situation, I discovered the Artemis Spaceship Bridge simulator, the Android version. Last time I checked there was a beta, now its available on the market! It’s fun a fun game, several players and a server that hosts the thing and shows the main view. Fun.

I wanted to have that main view on the biggest screen in the house and Android devices don’t easily hook up over HDMI and I don’t have Miracast, so I was considering running it on the laptop with wine, etc.. (I think the graphics card of my Zenbook doesn’t agree with the 3D though)

So I figured I had an Android box that HAS HDMI, My OUYA! And it only needs to run the viewscreen and host the game, so purrrfect! 🙂

The game isn’t available on their market though, so I needed to pull something to get it on there. When sideloading software, I figured I might as well just finally sideload the Android market and have whatever available, instead of just Artemis!

So I ran a couple of (convenient single click) hacks!

And they all worked like a dream 🙂 Some steps are to be followed on the individual pages, but all in all it’s all pretty straightforward 😀

Good fun!

The Artemis app however isn’t all sunshine. It crashes, a lot. Mostly when I interact with some items.
But! When I just start the server, don’t try to change the settings (though I greatly prefer Jump over Warp!!) it works like a dream on the big screen 🙂 I do hope they fix those crashes :/

This was a very very quick post. Typos may have occured 🙂

Sentimental goodbyes

When I see series like Top of the Lake, (s1e5) where parents say goodbye to their kids, tell them they’re ok, that they love them, sentimental stuff etc.
I sometimes think “I hope they don’t do that to me.”
Other times I think “That doesn’t sound that bad, I’d like to hear that. Maybe”

then I remember that it’s too late and they’re both dead.

Without messages or calling. Or them even decently realising it. I think.

And that’s weird.

Yestedays’ tweet that was not sent

Listening to music yesterday, inspired by “MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS – CAN’T HOLD US”, I tweeted

the entire tumbrl text:

Mixed feelings.


Hot beat, great tempo, really picks you up.. But so bloody boring after about 1/3rd of the song when dancing.


Disappointment was immediate however

Next I pinpointed the problem and put that to words but that didn’t end well

And this is that lost tweet!

sight. This is the annoying pop music playlist. I was after the “mad energy MOVE YOUR ASS and play it LOUDER” playlist. #miscommunication

The importance of being complete!

I was NOT promised an oppressive cyberpunk dystopia. What About The Flying Cars?!

FUCK NO! “unless you’re over 60, you weren’t promised flying cars. You were promised an oppressive cyberpunk dystopia.”

I’m 31 and I grew up with

  • The Jetsons, those have flying cars and robots
  • The Thunderbirds
  • Dragon ball which has dragon balls and flying capsule cars and all sorts of scary aliens
  • Back to the future which has flying cars endless recycled energy and rejuvenation, hoverboards, …………. (after they fixed the grimdark part)
  • Star Trek which barely even has wars as we know them!
  • Astro Boy! Heatcliff! Mysterious cities of Gold, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Voltron, Thundercats, Inspector Gadget and Muppet Babies!
  • and hot women in spandex which was about every cartoon ever.. Except Sailor Moon but that’s just a whole different ballpark.


I was fucking promised flying cars!

I might agree that the 35 to 55 year olds were looking at very grimdark stuff at the time, but that is NOT what I was watching!

My phone died and I wan’t those 6.6gb of pictures

I desperately want those pictures. The hotel wifi was not up to uploading the load of awesome shots (like those amazing panoramas I did) so I have a flaky  few days of pictures, some are there, others aren’t. And I want them all, obviously. Maybe I’d be happy if there were some for all days, but the last 4 days are plainly missing 😦

So, a brain dump of where I’m at right now.

  • My Nexus 4 won’t boot anymore.
  • The phone won’t start past the glowing X. Just does that for literally hours. It wen’t flat and reloaded totally and no difference.
  • The glowing X doesn’t answer to ADB yet. (Or did I forget to enable dev USB mode? Don’t know.. Might be the case though.)
  • The phone is locked state
  • The phone has stock recovery
  • The phone only has internal storage.
  • Can’t use adb to copy the photos
  • Can’t use fastboot to copy data off the device
  • Can’t use fastboot to flash clockwork because the phone is locked
  • Unlocking the phone will wipe all data
  • Stock recovery only offers the option to sideload a zip via adb or wipe data
  • Stock recovery sideload mode doesn’t accept any other adb commands
  • Tried to wipe cache in a move of desperation. Maybe this’ll let it boot again?


That’s it I think. Maybe more as I think of shit. Jup. That’s it so far.

I’m honestly stuck at the moment.
It looks like that data is lost to me 😥


Got to appreciate the security done right though. If nothing, at least that.

Analyzing a few of Tony Robbins’ TED talk techniques.

I don’t know a lot about Tony Robbins. In fact, I first heard about him in a Bruno the Bandit comic where Bruno gets a Tony Robbins Bluebird of Happiness. (I loved that comic!) I know he is a motivational speaker and that makes me slightly paranoid about any talk of his.

That being said, I just watched a TED talk by Tony Robbins, the first in the 20 most watched TED Talks playlist  on youtube.

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do

And there is a lot for all to learn. He makes some interesting points on whatever and if you need inspiring, if you need motivation or the “why”, watch it with an open mind and find your new energy!


On a speaker technique level on the other hand, it’s impressive.


One example that struck me as he was saying it was around 4:35

But what people in this room know and what we have to remind ourselves though, because you can know something intellectually, you can know what to do and not use it, not apply it. So really we’ve got to remind ourselves is “Decision is the ultimate power.”

There are a few steps. First he separates the audience from the rest of society. You all know this, as successful people. Everyone in the room self identifies with being successful and being in the room.
Then he states that everyone here knows the next thing  he’s going to say to be true.
He offers an excuse for those who don’t know this by saying we have to remind ourselves to apply it. That’s for those who temporarily forgot this truth.
Then he leads the way in reminding ourselves by saying “we’ve got to remind ourselves” (notice the “we”)
And only then he offers the new idea to the group. “Decision is the ultimate power”.

If he were to go to someone on the street and offer this golden nugget of wisdom, people would cut holes into the statement with questions like “what about poverty and personal limitations and luck and ….” But by framing it as something we already know to be true yet just possibly not actively have done,  he bypasses all critical thought and embeds the concept in the mind of the audience. Nicely done. Then he continues, rapid fire, with examples and concepts so the audience can just believe that and listen on to the next point.


The entire presentation is very well built.

His opening lines are worth mentioning. He says he’s out of his comfort zone taking him to the level of the speaker, but a problem with doing that is that it erodes your credibility. He counters that on the other hand by establishing himself as a very serious speaker by telling the audience he’s used to giving 50+ hour seminars to enormous groups. He’s taking himself down to the level of the audience AND establishes credibility at the same time. Nice!

Great sidestep too where he says “I’m not a motivational speaker, I’m the why guy.” He re-writes his frame to something he invented and thus side steps the entire anti motivational pre conception.

Interesting also how he pumps up the audience into interaction. A first question to the audience offers lukewarm reaction, he calls the audience out on it, laughs a bit and moves on. All very positive, and an important step in getting the audience going. And after a while he uses this momentum to push ideas, again, past the critical thinking of the audience, into their mind.

Another interesting technique is the overspanning relation evolution through the talk. First he’s just this guy.
Then he makes himself loved. “You are all great, you are all smart, we are all smart, you are all awesome!”. He makes himself a part of the group, moving from the audience group to “we” in his speech. With notes of self relativation, because everyone is fallible and he’s not an asshole. He also actively loves his audience, the high five around 6 minutes is a great example! (Even though the guy isn’t that funny, said it twice and only got his moment because Tony gave it to him. He turned a potentially annoying guy into a big, audience unifying, help.) He also talks in extreme terms, words like idiots, etc. And when he laughingly calls the high five guy a “son of a bitch” around 7:55.
Next he moves away from that and becomes more abrasive. He tells parts of the audience that they’re idiots. At this point he’s established himself as a voice for the group. And he’s established that the group is good and smart and most in the audience are happy to be a part of that. Every audience member wants to be “good” and “smart” so when they are  singled out to not be part of that  group, they don’t like it and want to fix it. At this point, it doesn’t matter if you’re singling out a small or big part of the group, the fact that the voice says that everyone does that, is enough to trigger every member in the audience to want to belong, to fix it. Which you can easily do, by accepting (and doing) what the voice of the group, ie the speaker up front, is telling you to.
An example of this in a small scale (this is really a technique that builds throughout the talk and slowly erodes your critical thinking) is when around 11:39 where he “asks how  many of you like surprises”. The audience reacts very eagerly with hands etc because pleasing the voice is good, yet the voice harshly declares “Bullshit!” and then pushes the ideas that “you call surprises you don’t want problems and you need problems to get anywhere”. Then he moves on because there is, again, nothing to win with people thinking this over.

And that is an awesome technique 🙂

It also incorporates the overspanning technique of stimulating you into an alpha state by overloading your brain with lots of information, by talking really fast 🙂 It’s the same alpha state the churches attain here, except that they do it by going really really slow and sedate, that’s that sleepy feeling you get while in there, yes thats on purpose.


I am duly impressed!
I’d go see him if he ever does a meta talk about his techniques!

The Social Network.

I finally played it in the backrgound while doing important stuff..
Soon turned out I can’t do this without a commentary thread.
So, without any logic except chronologic (haha, no, that was sad)

  • See? Zuck’s a creeper!
  • ah yes. classic software project error. Spending too much initial time on the source data set. One repository of pictures would have been ok to start with.
  • A DJ running Serato on a laptop at a party. That’s an awful anachronism.
  • I like emacs less now because it’s mentioned here
  • One could think I’d like the guy more because of emacs, but no.
  • Also, the emacs, perl script techno babble isn’t something to think too hard on.
  • and nobody “breaks out the emacs”.  Real users just always have it there.
  • I never even met anyone who even had markers to write math on windows. Let alone does it.
  • at least the linux looks convincing. Though that’s a weird way to track traffic.
  • also, the network center and the guys watching it and the TVs and the more traffic than during superbowl..  No.
  • Girls aren’t impressed by making money fast, they said at the start. Cute lawyer girls aren’t impressed by page loads per hour either.
  • finding a computer on your network that’s misbehaving within 4 hours AFTER IT KILLS YOUR NETWORK is not impressive. to anyone.
  • Not going to hate on his business morals.
  • Trying not to hate on his social skills either. Not easy.
  • 2004. That means the anachronisms are anachronisms. pff
  • cats that look like hitler are hot. apparently.
  • Sopranos reference.  hot.
  • “Do I have your full attention. [no] Do I deserve your full attention?” One to remember.
  • Money buys clothes. Or more importantly in this case, people that tell you what clothes to wear to not look stoopid
  • that french was not good enough. even though c’est un jolie fille indeed.
  • “That’s not the point. Please arrive at the point.” rich.
  • Funny how people seem to care about how old buildings are there. Older buildings here, never heard anyone here say something like that.
  • If a dude wants you to do inane tests to work for him. You probably don’t want to work for him.
  • lol. The throwing beer bottles to the lady and her repeatedly not catching them was fun.
  • “i’m ceo, bitch”
  • the disco scene was annoyingly loud
  • and the rowing scene, while visually etc cool, was boring.
  • acting like a dick and canceling all credit is dickish. And that’s not good if you’re on the wrong side of the creative line in the company
  • hahahahahahahaha even the guys in facebook don’t know how to do shit with facebook. That should tell them something.
  • psycho girl is psycho
  • “remember the algorithm on the window in ..” THAT’s  A LIE!! Nobody Does THATTT!!
  • Don’t know why the guy is telling the meeting what his crap was diluted down to. I’m sure they all know, I’m sure that’s on some paper in there, … wtf.
  • hahahah. Get your entire team arrested, much?
  • nothing yet about only eating what he kills himself.
  • more about being a psycho.
  • Haha, twins signed an NDA. That means this movie is the clean version and the truth is a lot lot more entertaining.
  • hahaha valued at $25b that was before they went public 😀

Good. Now I’m really ready to clean up mah Facebook 🙂
.. well, actually that’s BS, but I’m going to start using it more again.
Not looking forward to it though, but I’m sure I must be able to find a selection of settings where I can  actually use the thing without drowning in inane updates (“everone played sheeple click 17”, a million times) and without being raped, privacy wise, any further than necessary.

I rated the movie an 8 on IMDB. It’s rated at a 7.9. It’s just a very well made movie. Not saying the story is so special or the facebookery. But it’s entertaining.