Walking on the street. Talking to truth to my phone. translated digitally. Looking for food. it’s cold this is deserted.

Eerie sights.

The sound of running water. No water in sight.
Dog shit.

A lonely cyclist braving the dark.
The dangerous intersection, dark into liberating light. If you make it.


Time to jum

Available for work starting February 2014

Quick message to let everyone know that I’m available for freelance work starting February 2014.

It’s an exciting new time for me πŸ™‚ I can finally take on new clients and expand my activities. I had an exciting time so far, and this means a next step for me πŸ™‚ Fun!

Feels kind of redundant to repeat here, but for those new to my blog.. I’m a Belgian IT expert, specialized in Linux and Project management. I am interested in freelance System engineer or Project management challenges

More information and CV are available at

Drop me a line if you need my talents πŸ™‚
(or feel free to share if you think anyone else does)


I want a logotone.

A sound logo (or audio logo or sonic logo) is a short distinctive melody or other sequence of sound, mostly positioned at the beginning or ending of a commercial. It can be seen as the acoustic equivalent of a visual logo.

Over the next few weeks I will look into acquiring a logo tone for “Gert Schepens”. Musical friends beware. You know who you are.

Also I will blog more. Done and over with the crippling limitation of 140 characters. If I need to be verbose. And I usually do. I will not be told otherwise. Hail to the long form media. And a minute of consideration for the fact that twitter has reduced the default web message to the point that blogs can even be considered long πŸ™‚

Een collega merkt op dat zijn zoontje nu voor het eerst recht zit.

Ik slik mijn reactie grotendeels in:

Jaja. Zo begint het. ominous musicο»Ώ

Maar in se was mijn antwoord eerst een tikkeltje langer

Zo begint het.
En dan zijt ge content.
Want hoera. Hij zit.

En voor ge ‘t weet kan hij wat kleren uit doen – hahah
En dan wankelend op de voetjes staan – cuuute
En dan klimt hij eens over iets – SuperKid!!

en dan enkele maanden later is het nieuwjaar, wordt ge wakker en staat hij naast uw bed. Want hij is uit t zijne geklommen. Zonder pyjama. En zonder pamper. Met overal kaka. Uit te leggen dat hij kaka gedaan heeft en zijn pyjama en pamper uit gedaan heeft en nu WC papier nodig heeft om zijn poep af te kuisen.

En zijn benen,
En de lakens van uw bed (want zijn handjes..),
En delen van zijn kamer,
En …

En dan schudt ge u wakker, want kaka in the open maakt dikwijls de situatie nogal dringend.

En dan zegt ge “BLIJFT OVERAL AF”
en zet ge hem onder de douche.
En dan denkt ge dat ge er van af zijt πŸ™‚

Want ge zijt nog niet gaan zien wat hij met de volle pamper gedaan heeft.

Wakker worden met een kleuter.

Sideloading my Ouya

In a short reprise of the situation, I discovered the Artemis Spaceship Bridge simulator, the Android version. Last time I checked there was a beta, now its available on the market! It’s fun a fun game, several players and a server that hosts the thing and shows the main view. Fun.

I wanted to have that main view on the biggest screen in the house and Android devices don’t easily hook up over HDMI and I don’t have Miracast, so I was considering running it on the laptop with wine, etc.. (I think the graphics card of my Zenbook doesn’t agree with the 3D though)

So I figured I had an Android box that HAS HDMI, My OUYA! And it only needs to run the viewscreen and host the game, so purrrfect! πŸ™‚

The game isn’t available on their market though, so I needed to pull something to get it on there. When sideloading software, I figured I might as well just finally sideload the Android market and have whatever available, instead of just Artemis!

So I ran a couple of (convenient single click) hacks!

And they all worked like a dream πŸ™‚ Some steps are to be followed on the individual pages, but all in all it’s all pretty straightforward πŸ˜€

Good fun!

The Artemis app however isn’t all sunshine. It crashes, a lot. Mostly when I interact with some items.
But! When I just start the server, don’t try to change the settings (though I greatly prefer Jump over Warp!!) it works like a dream on the big screen πŸ™‚ I do hope they fix those crashes :/

This was a very very quick post. Typos may have occured πŸ™‚