Reading “Daemon”

Daemon. By Daniel Suarez.
Interesting so far but it seems tech’d-up.

All the techno babble is ok but nobody looks at hardware and says “it has a TCP/IP stack that enables to to interact with IP networks over this cat5 cable”. Either the people you’re talking to know what you’re talking about and you’d just say talk about a network interface & cable. Or they don’t and then they would understand even less of what your saying than without those words.

So it’s just technical correct verbosity to up the tech appeal and credibility for non tech people.

(Originally a Goodreads update but apparently those are limited to 420 characters. And that’s a weird short limit for a site about books.)

On a train, not entirely sure the doors will open when I get to where I’m going.

On a train. Again.

Last 3 wagons will not open where I’m going. When asking the conductor dude seconds after the automated message, he first looked befuddled. Then, after asking again, if this wagon was ok to get off in my destination, he looked again slightly confused, then barely restrained himself from shaking the clouds out of his head and said, yes, yes, this wagon will do for your destination.

This leaves me wondering. Did he take into account what the message just announced? Or did he just figure “yes, this train stops at your destination, can’t you read, it’s right up on the screen”. In all honesty, I did shake him by not needing to get by him to the bathroom and ask him questions instead.

Seems to be having a good time with those ladies though.

I’m supposed to be working now, damned!
Don’t waste my time, train!!

Although time was already wasted, the train was 5 minutes late and although considering those other trains it was late for and the fact that they were already up on the board, they didn’t mark it as 5 minutes late about 4 minutes after the planned time of departure.
I get the effort to improve delays on the board, but not marking them is just abusive.
If I had known I’d have had that coffee sitting down & working instead of dodging people trying to get to those 2 late trains that delayed mine.

aah yes.
A first in many rants to come, I fear.

If the absolutely flaky internet will allow me. The plan of working on the train will be more difficult than ever conceived.

Transcendental shower time


YOGA. But without the moves.

5 track nitenitemusic.
Incense burner.

Visualising the perfect house. A bathroom with an outside door. And a location that supports howling at the stars at night. Naked & wet. Without neighbours noticing. Sauna. Plants blanketing the horizon for serenity and scents. In the woods?

When the fog lifts


Ps. SPEKTRMODULE 17 Revisitation.

Het Depot, Leuven.

Gisteren avond was het Me First & the Gimme Gimmes in Het Depot in Leuven. Voorafgegaan door Old Man Markley. Beiden zeer goeie bands, entertainers. Met als grote verrassing toch wel Old Man Markley, waar we dan direct de obligate CDs van aan de collectie toe voegden.

Doch mijn voornaamste verbazing dan al voorbij was. Ik was namelijk nog nooit in Het Depot geweest en hoe het mij voorgesteld was door een niet nader genoemde vriend, verwachtte ik me aan een oude hangar met een herbestemd laadplatform als afgeleefd betonnen podium. Er was ons oorschade van de ergste orde beloofd en ik had Viona al gewaarschuwd dat om zich door de geluidsbarrage te worstelen, ze zeker oordoppen in zou moeten hebben!

Stel je dan even mijn verbazing voor bij het betreden van het hypermoderne gebouw dat eerder voor toneel dan concerten ingericht is. Cinema stijl zitplaatsen en een par terre voor wie het wat wilder wilt. En het was uitverkocht, dus het ging er feestelijk aan toe.


En wat met het geluid? Gemiddeld 101db over de hele lijn. Dat weet ik, want ik stond in de buurt van de PA waar dat mooi groot te lezen stond op een groot scherm. Niveau tussen de 90 en 110, dus ook daar alles behalve te klagen.


Zeker een plek waar in nog naartoe wil! (Behalve dan een beetje ver)
En een heel mooie avond. Aanrader!

ps. What’s with bands not having proper websites anymore these days?!

Debian Squeeze to Wheezy dist-upgrade breaks sasl+mysql

Upgrading broke my postfix+sasl+mysql auth, cripling my SMTP service. Because libsasl2-2 that was upgraded from 2.1.23 to 2.1.25.

I upgraded Debian Squeeze to Wheezy and most of it worked within acceptable parameters. There were problems, but nothing big, except that it killed my SMTP service. Upgrades, the gift that keeps on giving.
Many people offered that downgrading would fix things, but that can’t be the best solution. So I didn’t.

The update triggered the following error:

SASL LOGIN authentication failed: no mechanism available

This was fixed by commenting the “auxprop_plugin: mysql” line, ie not specifying the plugin. Thanks Marcel.

That yielded the following errors

sql plugin couldn't connect to any host
warning: SASL PLAIN authentication failed: generic failure

(gotta love “generic failure”. Generic: “characteristic of or relating to a class or group of things; not specific.” Not being able to connect to the database isn’t what I’d report as a “generic failure”)

This is where it gets a bit ludicrous. There is no changelog around and google didn’t help much either, until I got to reading the very long thread on the Ubuntu launchpad where “dbileck” mentioned sql_passw changing to sql_passwd. So a parameter changing, adding a “d” and breaking all reverse compatability.
Now, in all honesty, has the correct parameter & not the old sql_passw, but a small note, mentioning the extra “d” would’ve helped a lot!

In the end, these are the changes to /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf that fixed it.

- auxprop_plugin: mysql
- sql_passw: XXX
+ sql_passwd: XXX

Oh, the pleasure of introducing small undocumented changes in config files.

And now I’m a happy camper again, my network scanner is able to mail documents again!

Edit: haha, a bit of a brain bubble, instead of Squeeze, I wrote Jesse. I’m guessing a short moment of confusion because I run “Jessie”, the current testing version on my laptop! No worries or weirdness though, a “simple” case of upgrade from Squeeze to Wheezy.


Walking on the street. Talking to truth to my phone. translated digitally. Looking for food. it’s cold this is deserted.

Eerie sights.

The sound of running water. No water in sight.
Dog shit.

A lonely cyclist braving the dark.
The dangerous intersection, dark into liberating light. If you make it.


Time to jum

Available for work starting February 2014

Quick message to let everyone know that I’m available for freelance work starting February 2014.

It’s an exciting new time for me 🙂 I can finally take on new clients and expand my activities. I had an exciting time so far, and this means a next step for me 🙂 Fun!

Feels kind of redundant to repeat here, but for those new to my blog.. I’m a Belgian IT expert, specialized in Linux and Project management. I am interested in freelance System engineer or Project management challenges

More information and CV are available at

Drop me a line if you need my talents 🙂
(or feel free to share if you think anyone else does)