Movies 🙂

Just finished (well yeah finished.. like 2 hours ago) watching Changing Lanes.. Quite ok a movie.. really, quite ok. Altough it misses some of its load. But its a nice try
I also saw the original Ring today.. You know, the japanese version.. Nicee! The american remake really uses all the low down tricks, every single one up in the big book o genre.. And thats where the Japanese one goes different.. Altough its simpeler & more down to earth.. It still chills you to the bone at some points. Admirable! Really moody too!

This GAIM plugin really is great!

Earlier today I started gathering sites about me.. Narcistic, I know, but in all my internet years I made quite a lot sites about me / by me / .. and most of them just got lost in time.. Up till now I gathered some recent ones, and I think I ll be searching some of the older ones too.. If I do, I might even post em here 😀

But im getting quite tired at the moment.. I think I’ll go get some sleep. Sweet dreams are made by Nathalie 🙂 And we ve got a nice one to share 🙂 She s such a cutie 🙂 *giggle*

damn, im giggling.. must be butterflies, cuz that Really aint my habit :/ again.. Nathalie.. such a cutie 😀

My first Blogger post using GAIM 😀
Cost me blood, sweat & tears, but Its A Fact!!

So now to watching a movie with Tom & Dirkie!! 😀

I got my Goodnight SMS from Nathalie! She s such a cutie 🙂 Really sweet SMS, All I hoped for! Damn she s nice 🙂

I got an idea today.. Francis’ my last week on earth..

Might write more about it soon 🙂

Went to see Jeepers Creepers 2 yesteray.. Surprisingly funny! I had expected crap as the first one is, but it was entirely much better than the first one. This is of course not that hard, but still.. I actually had a hell of a laugh. And knowing me.. Thats EXTREMELY hard 🙂

Afterwards I had a wierd conversation with Stitch bout life n death.. wierd indeed

Comming to today.. t was a normal day, without anything special to mention.. I wanted to do some progging but failed, the mood just wasnt there

And then Nathalie came online 🙂 she s such a sweety! To say I like her would be an understatement 🙂 we had some chat, exchanged ages.. But that oh so important question still hovers between us, unspoken and burdening me as such 😦 Does she smoke? 😦 Its really pittyfull I care so much 😦 but I do! I dont think there is anything she could say right now to match the happyness I d feel, hearing she doesnt smoke! Of course I was overly happy to hear we like the same radio & to hear there is no other man in her life.. But still.. Smoking..

Im oh so curious for the SMS she promissed to send me tonight 🙂 Im SO curious 😀 & happy because it seems that my feeling of liking is very mutual 🙂

Im still reading “Tapestry of dark souls” .. nice book! much better than the one I just finished (heart of midnight) altough the theme is simular! Heart of midnight just didnt appeal to me! Ravenloft books rule! 😀

wich reminds me, I desperately need to call Koen bout his computer 😦 Pitty its too late right now! I hope I dont forget tomorow!!

So my carnival alternatives are a Fact..

im off to Gent for a lil movie 🙂 With Stitchy

.. thinking bout Nathalie!

pitty I cant ask her to come with me :/ well, I could ask her, but i doubt she d make it! Ill have to settle with an sms 😦 Hope I see her during the vacation tough!! 🙂 (such a sweety!)

And now off for a shower

So what am I up to..

im trying to get this blog thing working 🙂

this blog & the blogging addon for Gaim too, of course 🙂

furthermore, im NOT going to Aalst carnival..

altough I might change my mind.. but.. no, not very lightly 😀

Gauge Chart

Gauge English
18 0.041 1 mm 1mm
14 0.064″ 1.6 mm 1.5 mm
12 0.081″ 2.1 mm 2.0 mm
10 0.102″ 2.4 mm 2.5 mm
8 0.128″ 3.2 mm 3 mm
6 0.164″ 4.1 mm 4 mm
4 0.204″ 5.2 mm 5 mm
2 0.250″ 6.5 mm 6
1 7 mm 7 mm
0 0.312″ 8.0 mm 8 mm
00 0.375″ 9.5 mm 9 mm
000 10 mm
7/16 0.438″ 11.1 mm 11 mm
1/2 0.500″ 12.7 mm 13 mm
9/16″ 0..5625 14 mm 14 mm
5/8″ 0.625 15.9 mm 16 mm
11/16 0.6875 17.3 17mm
3/4″ 0.750″ 19 mm 19 mm
13/16″ 0.8125 20.5mm 20mm
7/8″ 0.875 22 mm 22 mm
15/16″ 0.9375 24 mm
1″ 1.00 25.4 mm 25.4-26 mm
1 1/8″ 1.125 29 mm 28 mm
1 3/16″ 0.1875 30 mm 30 mm
1 1/4″ 1.25 32 mm 32 mm
1 3/8″ 1.375 34mm
1 7/16″ 1.4375 36mm
1 1/2″ 1.50 38 mm 38 mm
1 9/16″ 1.5625 40mm
1 5/8″ 1.625 42mm
1 3/4″ 1.75 44 mm 44 mm
1 7/8″ 1.875 46mm
2″ 2.00 51 mm 51 mm