Good Moooring Viieeetnaaaaaaaam (eik) Im really not in that good a mood, no really, i’m not :p But it just came to me to start like this. Quite funny actually since I never saw that movie & think the whole vietnam war was just another one of Americas “Lets have a war – YAY” moments as countless others this decade & the previous one. Hell, They might even come & have a war with me just because I dont like ’em (childish) Oh & for the record.. I am aware that not all the american people yada yada but just their retarded governement yada yada

On to more important matters 🙂 Its Walky!!

Nice Sci Fi styled comic 🙂 Worth reading, it really is 🙂 Yay! Some sexy drawn chicks too 🙂

Snow 🙂 Dont you love the smell of melting snow.. Its just Great!
DAMN I feel like snowboarding 🙂 2 days and counting 🙂

Tonight is Aikido night YAY and this afternoon is my only chance to get sme flyers & posters around for our rock shop thingy, so that ll be my afternoon activity :/ all alone :/ I might kidnap Dirk for the job 🙂

VW spring sessions! I was pleasantly surprised to see that VW is doing something with world music thingies stuff.. I think I’ll go see some 🙂
Buena Vista Social Club presents Omara Portuondo – 7/5/2004
Cesaria Evora – 30/4/2004
Juice feat. Scratch Perverts & DJ Food – 2/4/2004
(do notice the reversed chronology :/) So those are possible hits 🙂 hehe especially the first one.. 🙂 Cesaria Evora on the other hand.. I dont think i’ll go see.. I’m listening to it right now and.. Aint my cup of tea..

I think i’m gonna do some relaxed reading.. This Kid ken s got over is getting on my nerves :/

hmm.. ok NOW to bed than 🙂

Rasberygrl came on at AIM & since she lives @ america (-6h timezone so it seems..) I couldnt resist to say hi 🙂 Learned that My Dear Ashes timezone prolly is -6 too.. Damn, What I wouldnt give to talk to her!! :/ I should really ask her phone nr 🙂 Altough I d already be glad just to hear SOMETHING from her. pitty 😦 Damn I LOVE that girl 🙂 hihi Cant mail her either 😦 I seem to bounce each time I try 😦 I think i’ll mail her trough regular mail tough! & im gonna leave an icq msg right now 🙂

So now, im off, no really, I promise 😀 Just right after this Great Opeth song 🙂 (Death whispered a lullaby)

Its time for me to get another Blog Skin 🙂

I checked out some designs and for the second time already, I stumbled upon and more precicely, the may*star designs.. I decided on her Gun Smoke design and .. well, after some editing of course, that might be the new design for this blog 🙂 Alttough im not quite sure yet. The skin d need some drastic reworking.. Heck, might even beter make my own :/

pff.. me back and knees hurt like hell! Its time for me to go to bed..
I’m actually tired, go figure :/

I actually gave 2 more ppl my blog adres today.. Things might actually get read, I should stop handing it out – lol But I prolly wont 🙂

Today s Wednesday.. Wich means 2 days till Friday In other words.. Im Almost off for some Serious Snowboarding 🙂 Yaaaaaay 🙂 Partyyy hihi
It of course also means a week without computers 🙂 Not even slightly near me 🙂 YAY True Vacation that is 🙂 And NO, No blogging exceptions!

I have the feeling my Dreamgril will never be more that a sweet dream.. Wich imensely saddens me 😦 It has its positive sides (her image not being spoiled by smoking for example) but also a hell of a lot negative sides! I d really love to go pay her a visit..

But now would be THE time for me to sign off & go to bed for some wel deserved rest!! Like anyone else on my list seems to be enjoying at this time :/

So I helped Aardbij with her Blog.. (see her Thanx :)) and how does she repay me, She uses the same Template – LOL 🙂

So yay, another link for my friends section

why does everyone smoke?? 😦

Once again i’m clicking around onDeviant Art (digital art).. She s empty and so beautifull.. Powerfull, nice, smoothe.. Great picture! There are some Great artists on the web, really!
Next I was stunned by this Entangling.. damn nice! Got a whole lovable yet scary theme surrounding it!
The Dollhouse – Another one of those Great works.. Mood OOOZING from it.. Simply Great! If I even get a tatoo.. That puppet might be just what I want 🙂 And another one from the same artist.. Come To Our Tea Party Altough I like the Dollhouse one more.. Partly because of the blank eyes in the later, instead of the amber collored ones in the Doll house..
And Further on.. Malice in Wonderland Really captures a fire theme.. really hits the spot 🙂 In a way Sexy too.. Great picture, great design
and ofcourse.. to end with.. A Great one about jumping off a cliff! Murder or Suicide? The work isnt that special.. But the concept is Sheer Genious 🙂 Simple but .. really ‘hits’ the spot.. Its Powerfull 😀
And now to show that Goth ppl can be Beautifull!!! Goth Chick Mind the cool tatoo designs! I Really like em
Ooooh.. and a REALLY touching baackground!! Damn No pain Altough it ll never be my background.. Just too bright for my eyes 🙂

And since we re in a Deviant Art mood.. Check out the new link.. Sarah’s Deviant Art account..

DAMN I should learn to draw!!

Amazing.. I just discovered an American site about sex that is actually GOOD! Its all about discision making about sex ans altough some hints towards their standard puritisme are given, most of the site actually presents you Good information! It’s Your Call – Making Sexual Decisions
an interactive site to help you make decisions that are right for you

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. However, a couple greatly increases their chances of having a good relationship if they both:
* have good self esteem
* have compatible levels of sexual desire
* have important values and interests in common
* have positive body image
* have well-developed personalities
* agree on appropriate gender roles
* communicate honestly and effectively
* agree on the sexual activities they want to explore

These are points I actually have to agree with..

Ooh & the Communication part was great too..

You’ll probably find it easier to discuss sex and sexuality if you agree to aim for communication that is:
* open (no topics are off limits)
* honest (saying what you really feel rather than what you think your partner wants to hear)
* clear (being direct rather than “beating around the bush”)
* specific (focusing on specific actions and feelings rather than vague generalities)
* respectful (realizing that you are two different people, each with a right to your own feelings and preferences)
* aimed at finding a “win-win” solution (one that leaves both partners feeling satisfied)

This is indeed SO important 🙂 Open, Honest, Clear, Specific.. The way to any good conversation!!

So by my book this IS a good site 🙂 Check it out if you ever need some help thinking about sex 🙂

Quick Commic post before Diner..

GPF is just mega funny 🙂
It has a PC, Sci Fi kinda theme, with nice drawings & stuff

Start Reading Now!! 🙂

And now for my last post before a rejoicing night of sleep..

I took a long & nice shower
& it felt GREAT
really refreshed me (altough it was a hot one – lol)

It did leave me with an Incredible urge for Sex! I Really feel like spending a day in bed with a woman I love.. (and no, not to rest :p)

But since my Diablo 2 account is pooped.. And that stupid Gta Vice City mission wont succeed.. This d be a nice time to call it a day!

I had a small chat with my Dreamgirl.. She s suffering! I wish I could comford her & .. but .. … And fact of the matter is also that I really suck at dealing with sick people 😦 Especially if its someone I care about & she s hurt in some physical way.. :/ But that wont be a problem, since by the time I see her she might already have recovered..
Unless of course she tells me when I can come over or ..

As for now.. Sleepy Time 😀

Todays featured webcommic is … *drumms*

😀 Its a really great commic, by I think one of the most funny ppl around.. Really, worth checking out! Might want to read the whole series or you might miss some.. The characters personalities is already half the humour!

Phew.. Im finaly able to write some.. Today was a totally relaxed day, just did Nothing! wich was great 🙂 really! Im totally relaxed & at peace.. Topped with a nice shower.. yeah, i’m easy to use “Faith no more” s words. And tonight nice & early to bed.. yeah

Pitty it kept me from training tough 😦 Would have liked some Aikido.. But I figured that laid back as I was.. It wouldnt have been all that smart of me to try to master those gracious yet dificult moves!

Yesterday with Koen was nice.. We installed the compurter, talked some bout books (got 1 more ravenloft & 1 Dean Koontz (False Memory)), about Giger, and about an exibition in Bruxelles i d like to go see.. (I will after I get the adress from him!) And then we played some Games.. 2 nice 2 player games from 666 games! Worth trying! If only I hadnt forgotten the names :/ There was one with roses & one with islands :/ .. Did I say 666? I meant 999 games – Srry for the lame dutch link :/ didnt find any english ones 😦 😀 So.. The first game was Rozenkoning (king of roses? dunno?) while the second was Kahuna. The first was Nice (I won, yay for beginnersluck) while Kahuna was a real test of my patience.. wich I failed & .. well, damn 🙂 But still a nice game! And while were plugging 999 games.. Check out Machiavelli 🙂 Great game!!

Time for some more r&r 😀

Stitchy goes Test.. 71%

And in the same spirit.. Im off to bed! 😀 yay

lovely dreamgirl of mine.. here I come to cure you!! 🙂 Kiss! I’ll make that tailbone of yours get better!! 🙂