Oooh.. I have a sweet SMS I need to send to that Dreamgirl of mine 🙂 I’m SO curious about the sms i’ll hopefully get back 🙂 hehehe
poor girl 😦 at home, having to make her thesis with a broken tailbone.. Painfull

Ooh & a sweet kiss to Aardbij 🙂

im in a Collorfull mood today 🙂
and sleepy.. I’m gonna sign off soon

Yes, The evening before.. Tomorow @ 5 or so we leave. I still have to get some papers, go to school for 2 hours and make my bag.. Oh & sleep too 😀 And I crave for a shower!!!

Oh And I’m 1m80 big 😀 (we just had a family sizing thingie) Enlightning 😀


Im so tired that Im HYPER

I had a flash of honesty just now.. How true. Yes, I just confessed sarah I apreciated her conversation & actually missed her wit on the board.. As I said.. A moment of honesty
viva Qbikaris.. as one might say


I think I have some flu kinda thingy, resulting in headache.. Bweuh & OfCourse, THAT will be THE moment when my family decides to have loud and obnoxious conversation / arguments

fuck it

Pvp Online! Yes, this will indeed be out Featured Webcomic of the day 😀 This are my roots, THIS was the First webcomic I ever read, the one that got me interested. Its got a Fantasy, Games, RPG, computer kinda theme.. and a Really cool guy called Brent 😀

have fun Yall 🙂
Time to change class!

And it seems that after manual configuration for my firewall it ll even post when its on 🙂 Yay!
this seems to be a nice program.. Lets plaaaaay some 😀 hehe

what would life be easy if I got to bed easier 😀
I just found this Hillarious gift idea from the site 🙂 (well, found.. its right in your face when you open it, but you know what I mean :D)

How To Give The Last-Minute Gift of Blog
By Biz Stone

Okay, it’s officially the last minute and you forgot to get your sister’s roommate a gift. You’re going to their holiday party tonight and you can’t show up empty handed. What do you do? Fear not gentle bloggers, you’ll have a great gift. The gift of blog.

.. *Yeah, I ommitted the steps, Click the link, the HUGE link, lazy asses!!!*

What friend, family member, or colleague wouldn’t want a beautiful new Blogger blog. Don’t they know that Blogger is “The fast, easy, and free way to publish and share your information online?” Well it is. And it’s damn sexy too. The following are instructions for how to set up a brand new, free, Blogger blog for someone as a gift and how to make it seem like you actually gave it some real thought. The giving-it-some-thought part is key to any successful last-minute gifting strategy.
Blogger Knowledge has saved you from looking like a thoughtless schmuck this holiday season. There’s no need to thank us, it’s what we do. Now you will be able to link to your new blogger friend when you’re blogging about them. You will also be able to eavesdrop on their life a lot easier. Ah, the gift of blog, what a joyous thing it is.

Now why did I put all this text here?
1. to give you (my most honnoured reader) an idea what the link is about
2. because the last part of the explanation is just SOOO funny 😀 hehehe Yeah, it rulez! 😀

I am restless.. The web has lost its edge to me.. Even computers have lost their edge, altough that is because I have been concentrating more on social skills the last two years instead of computer skills.. And in a way.. I miss it! Is this the moment where I decide to take it easy? Abandon that whole load of social stuff that surrounds me each day? Probably not.. It d be hard to realise. Id have to drop some things I really enjoy.. A lot of things :/ but at long term, I probably wont have a choice. Fact of the matter is also that when I dont have anything to do, i get bored.. Of course this might be because I have a buttload of things to do, but havent got the time to do them as the should be done.. A part of my internet boredom is probably also because of a lack of time.. So the main solution seems to make more time for computers in my life.. But I dont want to givee up too much social life, I really want to have a gril in my life and my JH responsibilities arent all that easy to build down :/ I just cant walk up to jack shit and joe average with the words “Congratulations, you just made Bar Responsible Person Kinda Guy” And not only because I d still have to work together with that guy..
If only I had more time 🙂 I d brush up my Java skills, Learn C++, improve my Linux box, and do the 1000 projects and ideas kooking inside my brain! If only.. Now life is filled with if onlies.. and one fact is.. I Dont regret past descisions.. A man can spend (& ruin) his life, just wondering about one descision & well, that just wont be my life 🙂 So lets get on with it 😀

A nice song comes to mind.. Its called “You cant hurry love” One of the 2 songs I remember from around christmas when I was .. dunno.. about five? Sweet memories! The other one was “Wake me up, before you go” Another sweet memory 🙂

I feel like doing stuff for Deviant Art.. I have Pictures I could post.. I sometimes feel in a very prosaic mood, not to mention creativity surges in other fields.. I do tend to be more creative on practical issues.. Dificult to capture on film or so… So thats stuff I just cant post :/ I do have some nice pics that might be usable.. like this one 😀

altough cant just put that one up.. Needs some editing first! Like that lamp :/ and the car passing by :/ Again.. Time Time

Id do it no, but school starts at 8.15 & I need to be there.. Time Time Time 🙂

But all my worries can be paused for a week. Starting Friday, I wont have any worries for 8 days.. 8 days with nothing but mountains on my mind 🙂 Mountains, Snow, My board, Booze and Fun 🙂 YAY! hehehe The need to go is once again Big!

And after that.. 🙂 Kwartee 😀 Yay (well, not kwartee but Ending weekend of my head animator course – lame translation, I know – during kwartee) MAN I LONG for that party 🙂 & the people that ll be there, the kind of people.. Hmmmmmmmmmm

So MEGA 2 cool prospectives this month 🙂
Snowboarding & Kwartee 😀

& now im off to bed, I need to be up at 7 to leave the house at 7.15 and .. plain pain :s But I’ll prolly have sweet dreams to keep me happy till then 😀 hehe

oh how I HATE running around with posters.. “can we pleeaase put ouur crap up here” .. *put up posters* .. “thank yoouu!!!” Eik
& tonight is aikido night, but I think it d be better if I dont.. So i wont 😥 instead i’ll have some more Fun Poster Crap 😦 Were gonna do some Youth Houses.. This should be better since I’ll probably see fun people & shit But still, ist beggin bout posters!

and now for a lil Snack 🙂 (FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD – heh cool.. I had food with a lot more Os and it just Srewed over my Layout.. Good to know, wont to that too much anymore :))

New Layout..
Slightly Modded “Gun Smoke” template by May*flower (check the credits for links :))

& now for JH work 🙂