I just saw The Last Samourai AT LAST!! 🙂 Nice movie! Martial arts are So great 🙂 I really should pick up Aikido again!! & another book on Zen 🙂

Good Moooring Viieeetnaaaaaaaam (eik) Im really not in that good a mood, no really, i’m not :p But it just came to me to start like this. Quite funny actually since I never saw that movie & think the whole vietnam war was just another one of Americas “Lets have a war – YAY” momentsContinue reading

Todays featured webcommic is … *drumms* 😀 Its a really great commic, by I think one of the most funny ppl around.. Really, worth checking out! Might want to read the whole series or you might miss some.. The characters personalities is already half the humour! Phew.. Im finaly able to write some.. Today wasContinue reading