Tomorow is Finally A day! The day I start sports again, Aikido day! & incredibly nearby! I hope the club feels allright 🙂 There does seem to beone jag .. The club apparently deals in year deals. So I’ll ask about the 5 month deal possibility tomorrow!


I wanted to finally start aikido this week and hoped it would be tonight .. But its Mondays & Wednesdays & I have other plans tomorrow evening, so .. Aarghl And I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it on Saturday.. It being saturday & before noon n all that.. Next Monday IContinue reading “Fuk!”


While I was well persuaded when it came to martial arts; what flavour.. I just watched an amazing docu that actually fucked my persuasion.. After several years of Judo, during the more moldable years of my life, I know I love the arts 🙂 And after now watching an amazing documentary from the Human WeaponContinue reading “Do”