Fitocracy is now tracking my workouts

Just got myself a : G3n profile with the The 404 invite code! Ive been looking for something like this for a while now but nothing really did it. This Fitocracy thing however does seem ok! I inputted my workouts for Sunday (Bouldering 2h) and Tuesday (45m bouldering & kettlebelling) and I was able to input most of itContinue reading “Fitocracy is now tracking my workouts”

I canceled my gym subscription today!

Well, technically yesterday at the date of posting. And I feel a bit sad about it. Going to the gym held that magical feeling of improvement. Fixing my out of control body weight and failing stamina. Several years of pure desk jockey lifestyle taking its toll. It really went downhill after I stopped serving pizza inContinue reading “I canceled my gym subscription today!”