Byebye KDE!

Removing KDE trough apt-get isnt really handled automatically.. However, does have a procedure! gert@Benedict:~$ sudo apt-get remove adept akregator amarok amarok-common amarok-engine-xine apport-qt ark dolphin dragonplayer exiv2 foomatic-db-gutenprint gdebi-kde gnupg-agent gtk-qt-engine guidance-power-manager gwenview hpijs-ppds hplip-gui ijsgutenprint imagemagick install-package jockey-kde k3b k3b-data kaddressbook kamera kate kde-icons-oxygen kde-printer-applet kde-window-manager kde-zeroconf kdebase-bin kdebase-data kdebase-plasma kdebase-runtime kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4 kdebase-runtime-dataContinue reading “Byebye KDE!”

Get ip adress from ifconfig output

Sometimes you might need your machines IP adress in a script. There are solutions to this using external sources, but that wont always work 😉 So heres how to get your IP from your computers data.. (Using grep) You sometimes need your machines IP adress without relying on external sources; so here is the commandContinue reading “Get ip adress from ifconfig output”


as always.. ‘lemme just test that UFW hack I just attempted’ .. easiest way? “iptables –flush” .. enter! & thats when I realise all policies are to drop so I dont have ssh anymore but thats fixed though even worse now .. eth0 wont get its dhcp adress from telenet. & I have no clueContinue reading “Fuk”


DHCP works Static adress works DNS works All I need to do now is make the firewall rules stick (& try that UFW thing :s) & I’m done & over with this phase of the soekris 🙂 To the basement, o lil one 😀