openDemocracy – Wasting energy Russian-style

I was amazed when I read this article.. Most people in Russia can’t regulate the level of their central heating. When the radiators get too hot they just open the windows. What? Serious???? WHAT? Why the hell do we even bother? Russia is known to be notoriously cold, and they .. ?? .. !!!! Whow!Continue reading “openDemocracy – Wasting energy Russian-style”

Funny thing about the SSL hack

is that the hack was tested by acting as a node in the Tor network.. Isnt it ironic? As an experiment, Marlinspike placed his proxy software on a node in the Tor network and intercepted 200 requests for SSL encrypted pages over 20 hours, including 114 Yahoo! credentials, 50 Gmail credentials and 16 credit-card numbers.Continue reading “Funny thing about the SSL hack”

Expanding on Foobars “How to write a Linux virus”

Philippe Delodder linked & Planet.grep’d an interesting blog post about linux virusses. Foobar: How to write a Linux virus in 5 easy steps and Followup. The article points out important & interesting issues and problems. Its an interesting read and everyone using linux should read it. Certainly people interested in security and most of all,Continue reading “Expanding on Foobars “How to write a Linux virus””

Perl – Periodic Table of the Operators

Pretty thing! Being a comprehensive and complete enumeration of the Operatic Elements of the Perl 6 Language, assembled and drawn with dedication and diligence by M. Lentczner as a service to both the Community and the Republic. May this simple presentation with various illustrative devices increase Knowledge & Understanding amongst practitioners in the art ofContinue reading “Perl – Periodic Table of the Operators”