Having seen the ChromeOS presentation.

Excited as a little kid on XMass, I went scouting the interwebs for the chrome presentation vid. Apparently its being streamed on some obscure site that offers .wmv and the other crappy format. I am speechless at the fact that I need to watch the new google os being announced on some stream that cantContinue reading “Having seen the ChromeOS presentation.”

10 years of Nokia to and end!

After about 10 years of cellphone use, I finally gave up on the Nokia phones. For several reasons I’ll get into later. Yet first I’ll allow myself some memory lane 😉 Nokia 3210 – My first cellphone, a present from the parents & a fun phone 🙂 Got stolen. And somehow replaced, I dont rememberContinue reading “10 years of Nokia to and end!”

Karmic Koala – Totem Smurf mode

After recently installing the Koala, moving my data over to the new install & installing the packages from the list I exported earlier, I noticed that totem had apparently switched to smurf mode. Smurf mode asin everything utterly blue. (Even Hellboy – bit hard not to notice, everyone & thing blue) After some annoying moments,Continue reading “Karmic Koala – Totem Smurf mode”

When a Samba server goes down while serving Gnome

Something thats been happening a lot these last days, is my samba server crashing while I’m copying stuff from it using my laptop with Ubuntu & Gnome. (My server is crashing, dont really know Why yet, but i’ll get to that some time next .. 😉 ) So the copy goes on endlessly We getContinue reading “When a Samba server goes down while serving Gnome”

La Fonera was on long before you connected the network cable.

I just discovered that when La Fonera says.. Scenario 1: La Fonera was on long before you connected the network cable. It is very important that the network is connected before turning on La Fonera. Otherwise the internal auto-configuration process may fail. The problem can also be that La Fonera lost connection for too longContinue reading “La Fonera was on long before you connected the network cable.”

A thing about the Redhat KVM Cluster Suite

Last week we attended the Zarafa SummerCamp 2009 in Krefeld, Germany. An interesting 3 days with all sorts of seminars on Zarafa related topics. While there is a lot to be told about the Zarafa multiserver solution and the fun Z-Push possibilities; there was one topic in special that shocked the people attending. The firstContinue reading “A thing about the Redhat KVM Cluster Suite”