Just another Telenet disappointment..

The new Telenet usage formulas are up. (Probably for a while already but I just discovered today.) Ive got a 80Gb download limit now; others are unlimited. Unlimited internet? Well, no. Turbonet and up customers can enjoy “Free Downloading”. You can now choose to pay for the perception of unlimited downloading. There still is aContinue reading “Just another Telenet disappointment..”

gish linux how to install

While checking the Google Analytics for gertschepens.be, I noticed someone ending up there with a “gish linux how to install” search. Since I don’t answer that anywhere (nor do the interwebs), I thought Id do a lil Q&A 😉 This question isn’t really answered anywhere because its very straight forward! The linux package is called gish153-1.tar.gz or somethingContinue reading “gish linux how to install”

Bitmappers @UbuntuMeeting – (Sunday May 16th, Cultuurcentrum, Genk)

True to tradition, the Bitmappers computer club (Hasselt) is hosting their 5th Ubuntu Meeting. This time, centered around the recently released Ubuntu 10.04 LTS – Lucid Lynx Sunday May 16th, 10am till 6pm; @Cultuurcentrum, Genk. As one of the sponsors, Open Future has provided several speakers and as such, I will be there, talking aboutContinue reading “Bitmappers @UbuntuMeeting – (Sunday May 16th, Cultuurcentrum, Genk)”