Amnesia – The Dark Descent

Amnesia is the newest game by Frictional Games, and more importantly – runs natively on linux! (and on windows and mac.) Frictional games is also the company behind the Penumbra series, whose engine was recently open sourced after being featured in the Humble Indie Bundle. (another fine initiative for Linux Gaming) The penumbra series isContinue reading “Amnesia – The Dark Descent”

Danger Patrol – a Daring play test!

Today was game day! Yet trough a series of very unexpected events, we ended up short and decided not to continue the research into who is killing off the fair maidens of Paridon .. So I got my print of the Danger Patrol beta rules (by and we started a game of heroic adventures,Continue reading “Danger Patrol – a Daring play test!”

Creating Dutch dictionary for android

As a follow up to yesterdays post, a howto for creating the LatinIME dictionary (in this case raw-nl/main.dict) files! All info necessary to do so is readily available on As a base, you need a wad of decent text, the more the better! The quality of the dictionary will improve as more data isContinue reading “Creating Dutch dictionary for android”

Where are the Keyboard Dictionaries in #Android?

I love the Froyo multiple languages keyboard feature! Its AWESOME, sliding a finger over the keyboard to change language .. Awesome! If your specific dictionary is in there. Which it probably isnt, since there are only 6 dictionaries in the default keyboard. And Dutch isnt in there. Dutch is in several other keyboards, like theContinue reading “Where are the Keyboard Dictionaries in #Android?”

The Wonderful Telenet detailed usage view.

I dont get it. Telenet has this Wonderful detail view. Im not on the unlimited plan and I can see my downloading habits in this great graph, How much (yeah, thats 83G this month), what type of volume, .. Its all there. Then Why the Fuck do I have friends, paying more than I do, NOT gettingContinue reading “The Wonderful Telenet detailed usage view.”

The internet is a creative and often cruel place!

And documenting the most popular and often most cruel pieces of creativity is And there are some AMAZING things on here. Do read the dedicated pages however, the base video might be worth watching, but the epic part is what happens with it afterwards. Peoples reactions, follow up videos, remixes or parody.. From theContinue reading “The internet is a creative and often cruel place!”