Some android apps fresh users might appreciate

No ringing endorsements, just a small list of apps I use and like. AirDroid – Android Apps on Google Play Aldiko Book Reader Premium – Android Apps on Google Play (Or the free version Aldiko Book Reader – Android Apps on Google Play Same features, I just bought it to support the app) Barcode Scanner – Android AppsContinue reading “Some android apps fresh users might appreciate”

Ubuntu NetworkManager

This NetworkManager thing in Ubuntu is horrible. Well; its not too bad actually but the commandline documentation sucks very very hard! A quick brain dump after my questing for anyone dealing with this.. excuse my messy text. A Google search for “Ubuntu NetworkManager Commandline” offers help disabling the NetworkManager; installing it (help.ubuntu) and refers youContinue reading “Ubuntu NetworkManager”

Kouter Concerten 2011, Gent

We ontdekten recent de Kouter concerten in Gent; een reeks van concerten op de Kouter tijdens de Bloemenmarkt in Gent. Een geweldig concept en een welkome aansluiting bij ons geregeld koffies slurpen op de kouter! (Niets zo leuk als tussen de bloemen kuiieren en met interessante mensen koffietjes slurpen – Bedenk ik me net datContinue reading “Kouter Concerten 2011, Gent”

Proximus stuurt vandaag Verwarrende SMSen /cc @belgacom_eva_NL

Ik kreeg zonet volgende sms van Proximus “Proximus info: Opgelet! Uw internetverbruik bedraagt 591MB. U hebt een abonnement voor 15MB. U betaalt extra, dit verhoogt uw factuur. Bel 080022500.” Verwarrend want ik heb een data abbonement van 750mb. Na een belachelijke wachttijd op 080022500 krijg ik te horen dat ik een business user ben enContinue reading “Proximus stuurt vandaag Verwarrende SMSen /cc @belgacom_eva_NL”

Just got myself a digital version of MC Frontalot – Zero Day

And its an awesome record! I bought it from the official site, as they directly sell CDs and digital versions. Had to look a bit for the digital version and even ask it over twitter; the answer came very swiftly. The store has a digital media section; I was only looking at the Mp3 section andContinue reading “Just got myself a digital version of MC Frontalot – Zero Day”

Reflection and review on the Twitter style exercise

This started off as a ps to the former post but really deserves a post of its own. Its a very valid point. Im finding I am often frustrated by the 140 twitter characters. But figuring this was just because it was hard to write that concise, I took a haiku approach. Zen, Soberness, beingContinue reading “Reflection and review on the Twitter style exercise”

Gotta love LVM

# lvresize -L +1G /dev/vg/gert_var Extending logical volume gert_var to 3.00 GB Logical volume gert_var successfully resized # e2fsck -f /dev/vg/gert_var e2fsck 1.41.3 (12-Oct-2008) Pass 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes Pass 2: Checking directory structure Pass 3: Checking directory connectivity Pass 4: Checking reference counts Pass 5: Checking group summary information /dev/vg/gert_var: 22902/131072 filesContinue reading “Gotta love LVM”

1U mounted into the #Lackrack

I got my 3 Lackrack units earlier but wasn’t able to put the 1U inside due to hardware problems. More about that in an upcoming ugly rant starring Jetway and Western Digital. The mounted 1U, Bront The mounted 1U, Back The mounting in progress and the necessary hardware The legs are partially hollow, (more onContinue reading “1U mounted into the #Lackrack”