Putting my HubDub money where my mouth is

qmwztlxb3.hdwg div {color:inherit;font:inherit} .hdwg a{font:inherit} .hdwg div{margin:0px} .hdwg img {border:0px;padding:0px} .hdwg img {padding:0px} Will Apache Increase its server share in Jan 09 versus Microsoft? I predicted Yes   on 2nd Feb 09 what is this? Predict the News I put 1K Hubdub $ in.. Just because Apache is such a great project 😉

Ubuntu Pocket Guide & Reference

Checkit! At just 5.25 x 8 inches and 164 pages, Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is a compact yet comprehensive guide to everyday Ubuntu use. It’s ideal for those who need vital information on all aspects of using Ubuntu, but who don’t have time to wade through thick documentation. Each chapter of Ubuntu Pocket GuideContinue reading “Ubuntu Pocket Guide & Reference”