ie6 html “selected”

Viva IE6! <option value=”4″ “selected”> doesnt work <option value=”4″ selected> does. Admittedly, there is no sound reason to quote the selected part (I guess it grew like that in the code somehow? I may ask someday) But its utterly annoying that this breaks ie6 and Only ie6. Anyways, another one solved!

You realise you’re having a bad day

when you need to start a SECOND virtual windows XP! (Or a second virtual whatever, I can imagine being quite irked having to start a second linux vm on a windows machine. Though most of all there because a second VM – regardless the virtualised OS – on a windows machine would effectively cripple windowsContinue reading “You realise you’re having a bad day”


Hell Yeah! I did the exams today & got my RedHat Certiefied Technician certificate! Number n all 😉 Its no RHCE, but its not bad. I’m looking forward to that second shot at RHCE!! I’m a bit sad about it though; but I’m looking at the other side. Its shown me what I need toContinue reading “RCHT”