Analyzing a few of Tony Robbins’ TED talk techniques.

I don’t know a lot about Tony Robbins. In fact, I first heard about him in a Bruno the Bandit comic where Bruno gets a Tony Robbins Bluebird of Happiness. (I loved that comic!) I know he is a motivational speaker and that makes me slightly paranoid about any talk of his. That being said,Continue reading “Analyzing a few of Tony Robbins’ TED talk techniques.”

Shannon Larratt, the father of BMEzine, is dead.

I read it on the twitters and if not, it would have screamed at me from the top of my Google Reader page. The father of BMEzine, is dead. The message is on the Modblog: Shannon Larratt 1973-2013 And they link to his final blogpost: Finita, la commedia It didn’t come too much as aContinue reading “Shannon Larratt, the father of BMEzine, is dead.”

SECRET ANARCHYCORE: Notable town events.

I joined in on the SECRET ANARCHYCORE day yesterday.Organised on G+ and described as vollows: SECRET ANARCHYCORE How it works: 1-POST HERE so people know that you haven’t got anything better to do than fulfill their d100 table fantasies. You can’t make a request without putting your name out there, home slice.Then cool your heels forContinue reading “SECRET ANARCHYCORE: Notable town events.”

the @privateerpress war room app wants me to pay 6th time for the same content.

I try to like the @privateerpress war machine app, War Room & it has nice sides. But I’m having a hard time getting over having to buy those cards after buying the MK1 books, MK1 cards deck, MKII books, MKII cards deck and a big feldherr bag full of miniatures.  (With a card each) FeelsContinue reading “the @privateerpress war room app wants me to pay 6th time for the same content.”