Transcendental shower time

With SPEKTRMODULE. .. YOGA. But without the moves. Holistic. 5 track nitenitemusic. Incense burner. Visualising the perfect house. A bathroom with an outside door. And a location that supports howling at the stars at night. Naked & wet. Without neighbours noticing. Sauna. Plants blanketing the horizon for serenity and scents. In the woods? When the […]

Het Depot, Leuven.

Gisteren avond was het Me First & the Gimme Gimmes in Het Depot in Leuven. Voorafgegaan door Old Man Markley. Beiden zeer goeie bands, entertainers. Met als grote verrassing toch wel Old Man Markley, waar we dan direct de obligate CDs van aan de collectie toe voegden. Doch mijn voornaamste verbazing dan al voorbij was. […]


Walking on the street. Talking to truth to my phone. translated digitally. Looking for food. it’s cold this is deserted. Eerie sights. The sound of running water. No water in sight. Dog shit. A lonely cyclist braving the dark. The dangerous intersection, dark into liberating light. If you make it. If. Time to jum