Shannon Larratt, the father of BMEzine, is dead.

I read it on the twitters and if not, it would have screamed at me from the top of my Google Reader page. The father of BMEzine, is dead. The message is on the Modblog: Shannon Larratt 1973-2013 And they link to his final blogpost: Finita, la commedia It didn’t come too much as aContinue reading “Shannon Larratt, the father of BMEzine, is dead.”


Im impressed by this pretty picture! I REALLY like the whole idea and concept! There are more cool pics on that site, though most are NSFW, inlcuding this great picture

Warren Ellis – Global Frequency

I just checked out Waren Ellis‘ Global Frequency comic. After reading 1&2 of the Transmet collections & reading some more about Ellis himself, I decided we share the view on SciFi & want to explore his works further. In Global Frequency, he paints the terrifying picture I first perceived in reading a scifi novel backContinue reading “Warren Ellis – Global Frequency”

Miami Ink

@ Discovery Channel. I saw a lot of that over a year ago & .. its an amazing series! Even people who are not really that much into the whole body mod thing are usually very interested in the program. .. Sleep now! Big news soon 😉