Angst is an Oneiros life in the Lovecraft & Poe atmosphere.. Ever since I heard of it Ive wanted to play an Angst. I then missed 2 or more for several reasons & then they quit. Untill NOW 🙂 I’m quite sure about what I’ll be doing the 31st of September 😀 FINALLY!!!


There is an extremely interesting article on Democracy Now about Spore & DRM. Its good to know that the DRM issue is finding its way to the mainstream media. The article points out that the issue might seem uninteresting to anyone honest or anyone who doesnt do the gaming thing, but really isnt.. The articleContinue reading “Spore”

Blizzard Tries To Forbid Open Sourcing Glider

As seen in Slashdot A part of the article states the following .. “seem likely to raise eyebrows in the open source and digital rights advocacy camps.” and is probably quite correct too! Thing is .. they re not trying to forbid open source, they re trying to eliminate Glider, a World of Warcraft cheatingContinue reading “Blizzard Tries To Forbid Open Sourcing Glider”


Whow! GTA is comming to your favourite Handheld Platform – the Nintendo DS! !!! All the available info is at Spong: E3: Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Coming to DS! & Rockstar Leeds Developing GTA: Chinatown Wars I’m very much hoping it will be AMAZING!!!!!!! 😀 It should be, I mean .. DS .. +Continue reading “Shock!”