Mordheim – Carnival of Chaos warband – First Try!

And to be complete, the first try at my Carnival of Chaos troupe.. It was a quick first try with a lil help, and I was Unable to play it with any degree of success! ANY degree. 🙂 500 GC – Carnival of Chaos – Official Warband The 7th Troupe Unit Name ## M WSContinue reading “Mordheim – Carnival of Chaos warband – First Try!”


Tonight was Mordheim night at Highborn. We played 2 games and I got my arse handed to me TWICE! About time I read the rules and rebuild that warband, because its painfully obvious now that the current combo does Not work 🙂


Khador met Cygnar on the battle ground tonight. A fierce battle for the strategic highpoint. 2 pairs of stairs leading to a high platform. The strong Khadoran troups were quickly to arrive on the highground. Sorscha then directed the heavy warjacks to block the stairs, thus blocking the path to the highground. The weakling CygnarContinue reading “yeah”

Green stuff

is really the best thing since sliced bread. I dont really like sliced bread THAT much though, so thats not really honest, but I do mean its great 🙂 I just fixed up a lot of my Warmachine models with it & it was Fun. 🙂 A lot of work though..

The Heroic Battle of Khador vs The Protectorate of Menoth vs Cygnar

Yes. We finally had our first Warmachine skirmish. Reinald (of Highborn) controlling Cygnar; Thomas siding with The Protectorate and myself on Khador! The battle started off with the heroic Khador and cowardly Cygnar together on one side of the field and the Protectorate pigs on the other side. As they discovered eachother, the Khador andContinue reading “The Heroic Battle of Khador vs The Protectorate of Menoth vs Cygnar”