DriveTru RPG gift

I just recieved a surprising DriveTru RPG gift! d∞ (“d-Infinity”) Volume #1: The Adventure Begins Artesia: The Book of Dooms Volume 1 Cortex System Role Playing Game Waves of Blood Fading Suns Players Companion City of Secrets 50 Fathom’s Player’s Guide RuneQuest Pirates Dead Man’s Chest Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. Heaven & Earth Instant Antagonist: TheContinue reading “DriveTru RPG gift”

Amnesia – The Dark Descent

Amnesia is the newest game by Frictional Games, and more importantly – runs natively on linux! (and on windows and mac.) Frictional games is also the company behind the Penumbra series, whose engine was recently open sourced after being featured in the Humble Indie Bundle. (another fine initiative for Linux Gaming) The penumbra series isContinue reading “Amnesia – The Dark Descent”

Danger Patrol – a Daring play test!

Today was game day! Yet trough a series of very unexpected events, we ended up short and decided not to continue the research into who is killing off the fair maidens of Paridon .. So I got my print of the Danger Patrol beta rules (by and we started a game of heroic adventures,Continue reading “Danger Patrol – a Daring play test!”

gish linux how to install

While checking the Google Analytics for, I noticed someone ending up there with a “gish linux how to install” search. Since I don’t answer that anywhere (nor do the interwebs), I thought Id do a lil Q&A 😉 This question isn’t really answered anywhere because its very straight forward! The linux package is called gish153-1.tar.gz or somethingContinue reading “gish linux how to install”