Warren Ellis – Global Frequency

I just checked out Waren Ellis‘ Global Frequency comic. After reading 1&2 of the Transmet collections & reading some more about Ellis himself, I decided we share the view on SciFi & want to explore his works further. In Global Frequency, he paints the terrifying picture I first perceived in reading a scifi novel backContinue reading “Warren Ellis – Global Frequency”

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day

The 19th of September is the International Talk Like A Pirate day! Avast, mateys!!! More on wikipedia! And for all you pirates to be, Telltale games is giving away an episode of their awsome new Monkey Island game. Grab it today, though the countdown is running!! Play like a Pirate!! Shiver me timbers, Yo hoContinue reading “Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day”