Reminder: random tables

I read a blog post: Attempt To List & Employ All The Random Tables I Like and these tables look nice Magical Candles: Creepy Combat Comentary: Person Chaos Attributes chart from Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness book: Nasty Little Idols: This post is more of a personal reminder than anythingContinue reading “Reminder: random tables”

I borrowed a Wii Fit board last week

Disappointing. I had high expectations. Also we borrowed our scale to my grandmother and I was trying to keep somewhat of an eye on my weight. So I connected the thing to my phone. Wiiscale. Works nice but flipping the sucker to its back to sync etc is a nuisance. Also it wont work onContinue reading “I borrowed a Wii Fit board last week”

Kouter Concerten 2011, Gent

We ontdekten recent de Kouter concerten in Gent; een reeks van concerten op de Kouter tijdens de Bloemenmarkt in Gent. Een geweldig concept en een welkome aansluiting bij ons geregeld koffies slurpen op de kouter! (Niets zo leuk als tussen de bloemen kuiieren en met interessante mensen koffietjes slurpen – Bedenk ik me net datContinue reading “Kouter Concerten 2011, Gent”

The Epic Duets Theme afternoon!

Thanks to @Elke_vdh ; the second theme afternoon; Epic Duets!! * Katharine McPhee, Meatloaf – It’s all coming back to me now (Gert) * Gone Fishin’ – Louis Armstrong & Bing Crosby (Gert) * Tom Jones and Janis Joplin performing ‘Raise Your Hand’ (Gert) * RUN-DMC – Walk This Way (Gert) * Aretha Franklin &Continue reading “The Epic Duets Theme afternoon!”