Big brother is no longer relevant. From my recent tor article.

A paragraph from the new tor article. If not using tor, at least realize this The big fear of big brother watching you is no longer really relevant, we give away our data to what has affectionately been called “little sister”. She woes you with pretty images, convenience and a voyeuristic view on the livesContinue reading “Big brother is no longer relevant. From my recent tor article.”

Funny thing about the SSL hack

is that the hack was tested by acting as a node in the Tor network.. Isnt it ironic? As an experiment, Marlinspike placed his proxy software on a node in the Tor network and intercepted 200 requests for SSL encrypted pages over 20 hours, including 114 Yahoo! credentials, 50 Gmail credentials and 16 credit-card numbers.Continue reading “Funny thing about the SSL hack”