Why do people preface posts with #dutch?

You know, that thing where people preface their non english tweets by the language the tweet will be in – like #dutch. Is there a #french? Same on the G+.. “(dutch) dit is nederlands” .. yeeeees …. I dont get it. Is it to warn their #dutch readers? Because they wont read your other languageContinue reading “Why do people preface posts with #dutch?”

Conversations: The Hive Mind

As a second in the conversation series (because I am SO interesting!) I was making some interesting points on a chat earlier. 10:07 de technologie is geboost sins internet, en nu iedereen aan informatie graakt kan men het niet gebruiken omdat overal patenten ophangen 10:07 byebye boost 10:08 bof; der is wel een grote boostContinue reading “Conversations: The Hive Mind”

the latest coding fit – items & qr javascript

I had a coding fit earlier this week I needed a way to track magical items in my DnD campaign; something with a printout containing all the notes that I could just hand out to the players. So I decided I wanted a QR code on there with the hidden info. Want to know somethingContinue reading “the latest coding fit – items & qr javascript”