So I made that script I was talking about earlier

& from now on its studying all the way! More than a month left, better sooner than later! I really needed these couple of days though.. to relax the Doom stress. ANYWHO. This bash script checks the DHCP page of my DLink router, parses the data & inserts it into a file, using the formatContinue reading “So I made that script I was talking about earlier”

Resolving a hostname from the DI-624 DHCP

Its an edit of the getIp script I wrote earlier.. this time it checks the DHCP page. Provide a hostname & it ll return you the IP (if its in there..) # Variables ## Host host=”HOSTNAME” ## Location & filename for temporary files map=”/tmp/” file=”adres” ## Webpage with IP info page IPpage= IPu=username IPp=password ##Continue reading “Resolving a hostname from the DI-624 DHCP”