Reflection and review on the Twitter style exercise

This started off as a ps to the former post but really deserves a post of its own. Its a very valid point. Im finding I am often frustrated by the 140 twitter characters. But figuring this was just because it was hard to write that concise, I took a haiku approach. Zen, Soberness, beingContinue reading “Reflection and review on the Twitter style exercise”

Hell to the NO! Lede’s library blog has the same WP skin!

Hell to the NO! has the same skin as my blog? Whats the fucking chance of that happening?? That library is literally at 700m from my front door! I know of other sites, several, using this excellent skin; but at least those are a bit more removed. Sevenhundred Meters! This is why we cantContinue reading “Hell to the NO! Lede’s library blog has the same WP skin!”

The Wonderful Telenet detailed usage view.

I dont get it. Telenet has this Wonderful detail view. Im not on the unlimited plan and I can see my downloading habits in this great graph, How much (yeah, thats 83G this month), what type of volume, .. Its all there. Then Why the Fuck do I have friends, paying more than I do, NOT gettingContinue reading “The Wonderful Telenet detailed usage view.”

The internet is a creative and often cruel place!

And documenting the most popular and often most cruel pieces of creativity is And there are some AMAZING things on here. Do read the dedicated pages however, the base video might be worth watching, but the epic part is what happens with it afterwards. Peoples reactions, follow up videos, remixes or parody.. From theContinue reading “The internet is a creative and often cruel place!”

More Fon 2100 (0.7.2 r3) to OpenWRT Fun

Had another unit lying around, gathering dust. Mini portable servers are an incredible source of potential fun.. if you can do with them what you need to. And that means not being locked down to the firmware. Initial firmware was 0.7.2 r3; which sucks. Luckilly, after a hardware reset, the software reverted to the moreContinue reading “More Fon 2100 (0.7.2 r3) to OpenWRT Fun”