blog speed

Did a speed test on the blog with webpagetest. First load is 7.5s; second load 1.5s .. less actually but whatever The page offers W3 total cache can help for WordPress. Will consider. No quantcast crap; luckilly 🙂 cfr futtta – WP Trojan horse

As a follow up to my About Page analysis, I have set up [qrcodetag size=”300″ link=”true”][/qrcodetag] The page is a vanilla Drupal 7 setup with 4 additional modules, for Google Analytics and path ease of use. (any install should have these, really!) The page contains all the popular elements in a handyContinue reading “”

The thin veil of obfuscation in CD flash widgets

I REALLY love those cd previews. Its nice to be able to listen to the music before actually shelling out money. Its sad to see though that the only thing standing between you and free music from the flash cd preview widgets is an ”swfdump -D file” and a quick search. Bitching about copyright and theContinue reading “The thin veil of obfuscation in CD flash widgets”