Why do people preface posts with #dutch?

You know, that thing where people preface their non english tweets by the language the tweet will be in – like #dutch. Is there a #french? Same on the G+.. “(dutch) dit is nederlands” .. yeeeees …. I dont get it. Is it to warn their #dutch readers? Because they wont read your other languageContinue reading “Why do people preface posts with #dutch?”

the latest coding fit – items & qr javascript

I had a coding fit earlier this week I needed a way to track magical items in my DnD campaign; something with a printout containing all the notes that I could just hand out to the players. So I decided I wanted a QR code on there with the hidden info. Want to know somethingContinue reading “the latest coding fit – items & qr javascript”

Funky ego spam

This was new to me.. Ego spam. (some time last week) It could even have worked if all the small details weren’t that off.. Not to mention that they commented to an old and utterly irrelevant post! Author : Rosaline Vila (IP: , E-mail : 48Shadduck@yahoo.com URL : http://www.26y045e-0htw.com Whois : http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/ Comment:Continue reading “Funky ego spam”

The About Pages presentation for #bcg4

If all goes well, I did my Barcamp 4 presentation in Gent today! (authoring this yesterday ) Presentation info is at gertschepens.be/2011-barcamp-gent-4-about-pages and the presentation itself is ready to go at BCG4_AboutPages.html and slideshare.net/../bcg4-about-pages The presentation runs from that page because of the wonderful slideshow.rubyforge.org/ project! It took a bit getting used to but itContinue reading “The About Pages presentation for #bcg4”